Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Matt Dowd Wants To Know, "Which Voters Gave You The Power To Align Los Angeles With Hillary Clinton

by Matt Dowd's Press Office

Hey Antonio....which voters of Los Angeles, when you became Mayor, gave you the power to align Los Angeles with Hillary Clinton???

You're the mayor of a major City, claiming to be in fiscal emergency, and yet you're never here, you're parading around the countryside, aligning yourself with Hillary, but what happens when her ship goes down???

You take us all down with you!!

See, we want federal money from the administration that wins, but because you're so completely and sickeningly partisan through this whole campaign, the perception is that YOU (and Los Angeles) are promoting Hillary. and if John McCain wins office, he'll remember you and what you're doing.

We never gave you the mandate to be a Hillary drone. you better pray like hell that Hillary wins, or you'll be run out of town, the day you get back.


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