Monday, September 22, 2008

ALERT: Los Angeles Neighborhood Council System Taken Over By Council Staff Members and Cronies!!!

Next time you are at your local Neighborhood Council meeting, stand up and ask your board members and president if they work at LA City Hall for a Councilmember.

And beyond that, ask them if they are a puppet, installed by the councilmember to do exactly what the CM says to do (RICO/Racketeering).

Now these people who try and spin Zuma Dogg by saying, "Well gee...I work for Councilmember X, but I am president of an NC in Councilmember Y's district."


First of all, I've never seen a project approved with anything less than a unanimously vote! In other words, Councilmember X does not vote "No" on Councilmember Y's project.

So FIRST, you have the staffer who is PRESIDENT make all the recommendations and make sure the massive construction project gets Neighborhood Council approval. THEN, it is moved to the Council floor where it is passed unanimously.

PLUS, when you look at what NCs are spending their money on...THIS IS NOT WHAT WAS INTENDED WHEN THIS EXPERIMENT WAS CREATED.

It was supposed to be independent of Council. But I am here to tell you, it has become nothing more than a facilitator for the things council wants done...and a speed bump if your Councilmember is against it.

Now that this experiment is being operated by the City Clerks Office, I think some folks like Jose Huizar, Ed Reyes, Eric Garcetti, Richard Alarcon better start being a lot more careful. It looks REAL BAD.

OTHER PROBLEM: As City Hall Council staffers, the city invests in you by providing you with knowledge and information you come across as part of your job. ZUMA DOGG DOES NOT LIKE THAT YOU THEN ARE TAKING THIS INFORMATION AND ARE ABLE TO USE IT IN YOUR NC POSITION. For example, maybe you have "down the line" information that will affect the way you influence the rest of the NC members. OR, maybe you find out information about a City project in the course of your job as Councilmember staffer...and you decide YOU don't like it for personal reasons. WELL, you can use this information and try to shut down the project as NC member.

SUMMARY: It doesn't do any good to create an independent system if it is taken over by Council staffers and Council cronies who are backed by the Councilmembers and there to do what they are told. And the fact these staffers encounter information during the course of their job at City Hall and can use this information at the NC level to either thwart or jam through a project (based on their own personal opinion) is a HUGE conflict of interest.

It's litigious, insidious, unsightful, not righful. It's tragical, not magical. It's precocious, ferocious, it's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


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