Thursday, September 25, 2008

AUCTION: Own A Piece Of Los Angeles History, that also includes Villaraigosa! (Signed LA Weekly Issue!)

Alright, I swore to myself that I wasn't gonna put this up for auction when I am desperate as hell for cash...but, I am going to put it up for auction cause I'm desperate as hell for cash...

Remember when LA Weekly had that little un-seen article about the "All About Me Mayor" which outed Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for only spending 11% of his time on City business for the period they tracked? And remember Zuma Dogg aksed the mayor to sign the issue (as a joke), but the mayor actually signed it?

And remember when Zuma Dogg then KISSED the issue on City TV 35 during the Council meetings. And remember, when Zuma Dogg kept holding up the issue during the "Ultimate Zuma Dogg Rant About City Hall" that is on YouTube now ( and will be airing on Time Warner on October 1, 8 and 15th throughout Los Angeles?

WELP, if you would like to OWN this piece of history, with the autograph to Zuma Dogg by this former rising political, with how much YOU will paypal Zuma Dogg to hand over the issue to you. I'll email back the highest bidder and you can paypal the bid. (Or drive over to wherever I am and I can give you the issue.)

If you want to add the LA Weekly issue about Antonio, signed by Antonio saying, "Zuma Dog, Keep reaching for the stars!" Antonio Villaraiogsa" (yes he spelled it with only one "G" wonder he didn't pass the bar) -- email your bid and I will email back the winner. (Include phone number if you want a callback.)

(Infomercial Announcer Voice): PLUS, bid now, and Zuma Dogg will sign the issue too, to help raise the value of the issue of the issue, since it is already signed by Villaraiogsa.

(So basically, you are bidding on an issue of LA Weekly signed by Zuma Dogg, even though it is also signed by the Villaraiogsa.)

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