Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout Package Rejected: It's now the beginning of the end

Wow, Zuma Dogg started covering this story on May 4, 2007 when I blogged that "subprime" loans would trigger a recession with the effects to be felt as early as six months. Well, yes, in January the stock market opened to it's worse opening in decades.

Late last year, ZD started to predict that the banks would be collapsing (they did) and that the low dollar, would trigger higher oil prices, which would trigger inflation -- and the stock market would be at the 10,500 level in October. ALL OUTRAGEOUS CLAIMS AT THE TIME!

Well here it all is, right on cue as if this whole scenario were predicted. And I have to credit Jose Aguilar for being the mastermind mentor behind ZD's global economic predictions.

On Friday, on the heels of the bailout package being approved, McCain said, "It's the end of the beginning." Well now, my friends, with the bailout package just REJECTED by the House...

"It's the beginning of the end."

It's much worse than you think. Looks like ZD prediction of all hell breaking loose on the streets and the National Guard having to step in is right on target, as well.

CAN YOU SAY, "PINK SLIP CITY?" Jose Aguilar just coined the phrase, "Pink Slip City" and wanted to make sure I included it in this post. He's been right all along...and ZD has been trying to warn the masses on radio, blogs and City TV 35. At this point, I think everyone reading this blog is aware of the predictions...BUT AS USUAL, AS IT HAS BEEN ALL ALONG...

NOW, is the time all of ZD's predicitons (based on people like Deming and Aguilar) will all start to be wrong. I remember in November, when I called an old high school friend, who I knew was HEAVILY invested in the stock market about all that I have learned. EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, he admitted I had been right before, but now my predictions have gone too far, and it's not as bad as it was in the 80's. Well, NOW he is about to finally be right. (It's gonna be much worse.) This is a fundamental shift that has been in the works since the 1990's with the advent of internet and techonology and leveling the playing field. And now it will take a decade, or more to "adjust" and the main problem is, too many people are still in denial.

And to those of you who kept saying, "It's gonna turn around" and "They'll bail it out" and "(fill in the blank) will never happen...WELP, now that Wall Street and U.S. Government told the whole world how it was, "JUST DO IT, OR ELSE"...welp, they "JUST DIDN'T DO IT" --

so what do you think will be happening next?

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