Thursday, September 11, 2008

Can Someone Notify Zuma Dogg When LOCAL Talk Radio Hosts Stop Talking About "Lipstick"?

Can someone please notify Zuma Dogg when the LOCAL talk radio show hosts stop analyzing the comments about "lipstick" unless it is a fashion segment. We can get the take on "lipstick" politics during the national shows. And in case anyone didn't notice, by tuning into Los Angeles talk radio; we have some local elections coming up, too. And I can tell already, by the committment of local radio stations; Villaraiogsa and his agenda/measures/taxes/bonds/candidates are going to have a clean sweep. ZD would like to think he can single-mouthedly defeat Villaraioga's slate in the name of national security and public safety. But in reality, it would take another show like Mr. KABC (Mark Germain) used to have, that allowed for daily discussion of local election issues.

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