Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Did Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Just Turn LA City Hall Into A HUGE Money Laundering Facility?

Alright, some folks will think this sounds outrageous, but someone mentioned it to me, and it ain't the first time. So the time is now, to post what is being discussed by members of the public regarding MAYOR ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA and his new "youth development" programs.

You see, the mayor just happened to conveniently consolidate all of the gang intervention money out of the hands of others, and into HIS hands at City Hall. And now, the mayor is in charge of dolling out these hundreds of millions of dollars to his short list of 64 connected non-profits who applied.

Some people feel that since these are all non-profit programs (like the new Legacy L.A.) and all the existing programs...


In other words, when one of these non-profits are handed over money by the mayor half-a-million dollars at a time, or whatever...ONCE IT GOES OUT THE DOOR AND INTO THE NON-PROFIT...there is no way knowing what happens to it, where it goes, what it is used for.

And what does the mayor know about gang prevention and intervention? Is he an expert? This is outrageous!!! OF COURSE HE WANTS A NEW PROPERTY TAX FOR GANG PREVENTION AND YOUTH DEVELOPMENT!!! He gets to hand it right over to his crony non-profits and the money goes straight into a black hole of non-transparency.

Some are saying that the mayor has just turned City Hall into the world's biggest money laundering ring. I bet the Federal Government is onto this guy. The story of the Mayor of Los Angeles would make for a really good movie...kinda like, "Scarface". Maybe Al Pacino can play Villaraigosa.

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