Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here's The Deal on Villaraiogsa's $8 Billion Affordable House Scheme (LA City Is About To Become Donald Trump)

When I described the way L.A. Mayor Antonio Villariagosa's $8 Billion affordable housing scheme was going to be implemented to someone, they immediately shot back, "That's called 'Socialism.'" O.K., so maybe that's what it is? But this is a free market society. And who is to say that the government is not allowed to enter the free market (with the use of Federal money) to turn the City of Los Angeles into the next "Donald Trump." So yeah, LA City is about to get into the housing industry, like any private corporation can. Oh yeah, the city isn't a private corporation. But hey, forget about that...here's the rundown of how this $8 Billion excuse to spend money and reward is short list of preferred contractors again.

But you know what...everyone knows ZD is tired and burnt out...so this is all I can do for now...so consider it a tease for the story that I will finish when I can. (Sorry y'all.) MORE TO COME

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