Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How Much Would You Pay For The Video of Latham & Watkins Bill Delvac Speaking About The Autry/SW Museum At Today's Council Meeting?

Unfortunately, there isn't any audio or video of the impromptu meeting between two Los Angeles superpowers, Bill Delvac of Latham & Watkins and Zuma Dogg of Zuma Dogg. But, oh my have witnessed the two speaking together inside Council Chambers must have been some sight for those in attendance.

Here's how it all went down:

Did anyone see public comment superstar John Walsh speaking today? He was all worked up in off a real arm-waving rant (as usual); and as Zuma Dogg is walking down the side aisle to turn in a card, some guy in the world's worst suit (don't worry, he's proud of it) moves in to say, "Wow, that guy is crazier than you Zuma Dogg. He's gonna steal your thunder." And made some more fun follow-up comments on the theme.

So like I said, the guy had on the world's cheapest, un-important person looking suit. And I liked his spirit, so I'm talking with him for a little, making fun small talk. And then we move on.

So I sit back down in the bleachers, and someone says, "What did Bill Delvac have to say?" And I didn't recall where I had heard the name and I'm trying to remember, and the person blurts out, "Latham and Watkins!"

So I give one of those Fred Flintstone double takes, and point to the guy to confirm we are talking about the same un-assuming, cheap-suit guy. And they confirm it.

So I say, "Hold on!" And immediately run back over there.

I say, "Excuse work for Latham & Watkins!?!?" He immediately snaps back, "Who told you?" (Which was a funny response, in itself.) And of course he would never figure it out anyway, cause he saw me talking to twenty different people in chambers.

I say, "WHAT...where are you spending all the money...certainly not on your clothes." And I continue to bust his chops about the suit. IT'S PRACTICALLY MISREPRESENTATION FOR SOMEONE FROM L&W TO WALK AROUND IN A SUIT LIKE THAT.

And he proudly (in an Austin Powers, "what are you talking about" way), "What, this suit?", as he opens it up and shows me the inside, proudly noting, "$200 at Sears." (Hey, bro...I think you get more for the money at Men's Warehouse!) So he was fully aware of what he was pulling. And it worked. But meanwhile, how hilarious that this guy from L&W was fully aware of ZD and couldn't resist having some fun with me, anonymously.

So since we have a fun-spirited guy, and he knows ZD...I take the opportunity to grill his ass about the Autry/Griffith Park heist of the Southwest Museum. (Just kidding, Bill.)

But of course, ZD knows the guy ain't gonna say, "Let me tell you ZD, the plans are to seize the billion dollars in artifacts and do some secret things with a college.

So the best I can do, is try and see what his best spin is. Because no matter how evil, corrupt and detrimental to the city and region a law firm may be...I wanted to see if he could bring something to my attention that I may not have heard before from ZD's side of the rope -- AND, I was pretty sure I would hear what HE FELT was wrong with the activists argument.

Nothing earth shattering, but to an outsider...yeah, his spin all sounds pretty good. I know you'd love to hear all about it, but I don't feel like typing up all the detail, cause it's already been a long 24 hours with a lot of blogging (and no paycheck), but ZD was contacted by some folks who wanted to hear what my new buddy from Latham & Shlockings had to I'll pass along the info in an easier to communicate phone call.

And maybe I'll type it all up, but there's a lot of other stuff to get to.

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