Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Woke Up This Morning And Realized Antonio Villaraiogsa Reprents How The Democratic System Is Broken

When a sociopath like Antonio Villaraigosa can get elected as Mayor, and turn the city into one giant illegal RICO violation and take over the city like a criminal dictator -- AND THE PEOPLE OF LOS ANGELES WHO PLACED HIM THERE ARE NOW HELD HOSTAGE BY HIS MEXCIAN GOVERNMENT-STYLE CORRUPTION TACTICS...

i think we have a problem with the democratic process. ZD woke up today and read the news headlines...and I'm telling you...the people are going to pass an ordinance allowing public stonings, and they're heading right for Antonio's office. There is karma, laws of quantum physics, etc...

NO ONE GETS AWAY WITH THIS. You just don't. Universal principals of quantum physics are forced to kick in to take care of the situation. You can already see SOME of it, with the way his career is now extremely diminished and his family kicked him out and now he is getting a divorce over his behavior with Mirthla Salinas. Karma! Barack Obama not letting him anywhere in sight at the DNC, after Villar promised to deliver the Latino vote. (I guess he doesn't feel he represents White, Black, Asian, Philipino, Korean, Chinese or anyone else.)

But the stuff he is doing inside City Hall as mayor (gang intervention money consolidation, school takeover, everything take-over), and when you see how he is spending his time when you see his appointment calendar (all photo op stuff and fund raising, flying all over the country);

Something is gonna happen to this guy. I think the U.S. Government now realized this guy is a national extremist representing the wrong side of the fence -- WITH WHITE COLLAR, CORPORATE GREED AND CORRUPTION PILED ON TOP.

So either his final exit out City Hall doors will be with his hands behind his back in handcuff...or quantum physics will probably end up taking over in some other way.

Too much bad energy. You can scoff. But you will see. Zuma Dogg understands quantum physics and embraces it. There is a collective conciousness, and ZD taps into it, everyday, at city hall and throughout the City. The only thing you need is belief. And let's just say, ZD woke up today, scanned the blogs and websites; and this concept just came to me when thinking about the mayor, and how he makes old ladies cry. MAYOR VILLARAIGOSA MAKES OLD LADIES CRY!!! He's going to suffer a quantum backlash.

Adios, Douchetonio. You have crossed the line and I have faith in my feeling that quantum physics are taking over. This cannot carry on. He has installed the political infrastructure to allow himself to become a just as corrupt of a dictator as any other political money-laundering and pilfering crook, hiding behind power. HE'S GOING DOWN!

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