Monday, September 29, 2008

Is This Why Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraiogsa Is Speaking Out AGAINST United States Government's Baliout Plan To Save U.S. & World Economy?

[Pictured: The problem and the blogger. Aka: rappers, "The Cause and Effect!" (left to right).

Here's why Zuma Dogg feels Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraiogsa is speaking out against the United States Government's financial bailout plan. At this point, even the opponents of the behavior that got us into this mess agree, without this bailout, not only will the U.S. economy fall flat on it's back, but the entire world will fall flat on it's face.

So why was Los Angeles Mayor Anotnio Villaraigosa using time to get out there in the media to openly criticize the U.S. Federal Government for taking this action?

First, you have to operate under the assumption that the guy's here for one reason and one reason only...accomoadate as many people moving here from Mexico and make sure you get them all the entitlement money; and things like sub-prime rates so "all people can live the American middle class homeownership dream"; and keep the construction projects moving forward so th jobs continue; so they can all be in homes; and it will all create a bigger voting base for Villar and the other crew of California politicians in the City Council, Assembly and Senate who are on this same mission, too.

AND VILLARAIOGSA KNOWS WHAT IS NEXT: This $7,000,000,000 bail-out means it's OVER for all this entitlement money and subprimes and easy credit for all and all the "smoke and mirrors (Richard AlacrCON/LA City Council) legislation that got us into this mess.

So they will have to sit there in the media and send the "wink-wink" to the people they are here to represent, that they are kicking and screaming and bismirtching (shaming) the United States Federal Government into keeping the party going and keep the plan to accomplish the goal that all the enforcement in the world cannot prevent, because it is being done through legislation and with the help of Washington, until it is EVEN OBVIOUS TO HIS/THEIR VOTING BASE THAT THE PLUG IS PULLED ON THE WHOLE PLAN, FOR NOW. (Yeah, it's a major setback, but the entire planet is suffering a setback.)

Viallaraigosaand those in the movement like to say, "for all people" instead of "for all U.S. citizens." Well now, the party is truly over, "for all people" from the richest of rich to the poorest of poor.

He won't stop speaking this way until the game is "officially over" and the checks actually stop being sent out. That way he won't offend his constituents. But in the meantime, he's sounding like a spoiled-brat, I hope some of his financial backers who put this sociopath in office call him up and tell him to keep his mouth shut before he causes riots in the streets! It's bad enough he's the kingpin behind this economic downturn that backfired so big...the whole country and world is feeling the shock wave. TELL HIM TO KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT! I BET IF YOU PUT IT ON THE BALLOT MORE PEOPLE VOTE VOTE TO PUT HIM IN JAIL THAN RE-ELECT HIM AS MAYOR. (As long as when you say "people" and "vote" you mean "citizens" and not "all people". (See "Voter Fraud.")

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