Monday, September 8, 2008

LA City News Update & Neighborhood Council Listing

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via Zuma's LA Daily Blog by (zuma dogg) on 9/7/08
With a virtual local news blackout as blogs and local talk radio abandon all local issue coverage this election season in order to to discuss the Sarah Palin media soap opera, as they continue to...

Freddie, Fannie plan protects taxpayers: Paulson

LONDON (Reuters) - Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said in an interview with U.S. radio broadast on Monday that a plan to take control of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae had been structured in a way to protect U.S. taxpayers.

Here is a list of this week's neighborhood council meetings.Show up and complain that you don't think Los Angeles City Councilmember staffers should be Presidents of local NCs.

via Zuma's LA Daily Blog by (zuma dogg) on 9/7/08
[Pictured: Oh no...not Parks?] It's the moment Zuma Dogg has been waiting for since he first strolled into City Hall: The chance to do everything I can to make sure a Los Angeles City Councilmember...

via News by (Rick Orlov, Staff Writer) on 9/7/08
City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo was one of the many local politicos roaming the halls of the Democratic Convention in Denver two weeks ago.

via Zuma's LA Daily Blog by (zuma dogg) on 9/7/08
Like I said...end of discussion. So to those of you who may actually WANT to reduce (un-intended) wasteful spending due to inefficiency and institutional will NEVER, EVER...EVER...

via L.A. Times - Business on 9/8/08
The effort is part of a new program to catch scofflaws. Investigators will be checking for seller's permits, business licenses and evidence that firms are collecting and paying enough sales and use ta

The tax man cometh -- right to your door, if you operate a business in a target ZIP Code.

The union's president vows his organization will represent organized labor's ethical gold standard.

Over the last 12 years, the Service Employees International Union has led the fight for the political reforms that America's working people need. On issues ranging from healthcare to immigration to corporate responsibility, we have pressed our clear and consistent view that America must change in order to win. Now it's our turn to make some changes.

Rather than banning retired cops from guarding film shoots, why not just issue them new, different uniforms?

Acommon sight across L.A. is police officers commandeering a street for a film crew. But the folks wearing the uniforms often don't work for the Los Angeles Police Department -- they're retired cops who work only on movie shoots. To the filmmaking community, this cadre of professionals is one of the benefits of working here. But to the LAPD brass, non-officers in uniform are a threat to the department's image and integrity.

via News by (Kerry Cavanaugh) on 9/6/08
A federal judge has found that two law firms inflated their bills to the city by $900,000, renewing concerns that City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo has spent too much money and provided too little oversight on outside counsel.

via Zuma's LA Daily Blog by (zuma dogg) on 9/5/08
Although I hoped to stop attending council meetings this week (not start again, after the hitaus break) I ended up attending all three, anyway, somehow...including the gas burning trip to Van Nuys...

via News by (George B. Sánchez, Staff Writer) on 9/5/08
Accused by unions of hiring too many high-priced consultants, the Los Angeles Unified School District says it will convert some consultant jobs to full-time status but not any involved with construction.

Two prominent politicians in the San Fernando Valley are being investigated by prosecutors for allegedly setting up an illegal political fundraising group, the Los Angeles Times reported on its Web site Saturday. State Sen. Alex Padilla and Los Angeles City Council member Tony Cardenas are being examined by the Los Angeles County Attorney's office for possibly exceeding election spending limits by setting up an independent committee to raise and disburse funds for them, The Times reported.

More to come...

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