Monday, September 8, 2008

LA City Replaces Low-Wage Worker WITH GOATS!!! (This is not a story from The Onion.)

I know a lot of local citizens cannot get work because they have been replaced by low-income workers from outside the U.S.

Well now, it appears as though THOSE workers have been replaced by GOATS!

The city of Los Angeles is taking a similar approach to clearing weeds just like communities do in fire-prone areas.

A hundred goats will be released in a lot on 4th and Hill in downtown L.A. to eat overgrown brush. The goats will stay for two weeks and eat the weeds plants in the area.

Officials said the animals cost a fraction of what they've been paying vendors to clear the weeds.

ZD says: Alright, I know the City has to belt-tighten, but I wonder if Los Angeles (once the international jewel) will ever live this down. And although it may be a good cost-cutting do you think this plays into the perception that Los Angeles is on it's way to becoming a third-world city, with a move like this? I guess it is cheaper to just send someone in to clean up after the goats than to cut the weeds.

We can have a monkey do a better job than our current mayor, but I don't think it would be a good PR move to replace Villar with a monkey (even though the monkey is more intelligent and can communicate better.)

Maybe we can fill the City Council seats with Dogs and Ponies to save money on special interest contributions and council salaries, since it's only a dog and pony show, anyway.

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