Sunday, September 14, 2008

NEW VIDEO: Zuma & Villaraigosa LOVEFEST...A-GAIN, Plus Matt Dowd Coverage of Oscar De La Hoya at City Hall

First of all, glad to see LA Daily Blog in the Top 20, this week, even though I didn't post anything on Saturday, or update on Friday (both of which would have helped the ranking.) So the stories being posted, are being read. AND, I must note that LA Daily Blog has stuck to ALL LOCAL LOS ANGELES ISSUES...while our friends at Mayor Sam's blog focus on the Presidential election.

BIG DAY AT CITY HALL ON FRIDAY, as Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa squeezed in one more photo opportunity, in his busy photo-opportunity day, to greet Zuma Dogg during Friday Presentations at City Hall.

Superstars Brian Wilson, Oscar De La Hoya & Zuma Dogg (Plus Mayor Antonio is there, too!) Video by Matt Dowd

Brian Wilson and Oscar De La Hoya were there, along with Zuma Dogg; so it was a superstar-packed day. Plus, the mayor was there. And thank you to Antonio for signing my copy of this week's LA Weekly, with that little article about the mayor. But I don't think he had read it yet.

As a joke, I said, "Mayor, I don't have the nerve to aks you to sign this". as I held up the issue of LA Weekly I brought with me to kiss on camera and to read out of during public comment.

But, the mayor took it and signed it, "Zuma Dog, keep reaching for the stars, Antonio Villaraiogsa." (Yes, he only spelled it with one "g" -- even though I was wearing my shirt with the giant ZUMA DOG-G written across the front.) So, look for that on Ebay (just kidding, Antonio).

But the funny thing was, I wasn't trying to "trick" the mayor. I figured he knew about the article, although I was trying to passive agressively bust his chops...I figured he would "chuckle and shrug" it off, or say, "Get out of here, Zuma Dogg" or something like that.

So when I mentioned it to someone who works at City Hall, they said, "He probably didn't see it yet, cause it just came out the day before and he has been at the Council meeting all morning."

Some people feel he's just shamelessly trying to "warm and fuzzy" me up and spin me with his charm, and it works a little. Not that I wasn't chanting, "It's over for Villa-raiogsa! It's over for Villa-raigosa" during my public comment the same day...but it helps make it more uncomfortable for me to do.

Here's Matt Dowd's footage. Watch it all the way through. And watch Jack Weiss talking to Antonio. Kinda looks like Jack says, "It's wrongs and we all agree something needs to be done, for you" or something like that as he is looking at Matt's camera, and they are noticeably conscious of the situation. (But I could have read wrong.) But right after, you see the mayor put bugs his eyes out, and put his hand on Jackass' shoulder (as if he has to chill Jack out over some outrageous rant.)

AND: no segment would be complete without "control-freak, bully, decorum-ignorer" Tom LaBong (and YES, a random public commentor finally even called him La "Bong") doing something kooky and nutty and inappropriate in the bleachers, as he picks up some peoples' things (like purses and personal documents) and dumps them in some other random spot in the bleachers. ZD had to step in an organize things and put them back in their rightful order, for which The Bong thanked me for, when he realized he flew off the kooky-meter on that one.

COMING NEXT: Jan Perry, Bill Rosendahl, Gloria Molina, Maxine Waters and Zuma Dogg speak from the stage at Bernard Parks For Supervisor election campaign rally. Thanks to Jan, Bill, Gloria and Maxine for warming up the crowd for Zuma Dogg to hit it out of the park, for Parks. MUCH MORE TO COME on this dynamic campaign event that is uniting the community in ways you never thought you would see! (Will try and get the video and pictures.)

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