Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No Home Depot In Sunland-Tujunga "BITCH SLAPS" Home Depot (Shady) Dispute Resolution Out Of North Valley City Hall (LOL!)

Breaking News! HUGE VICTORY FOR "NO HOME DEPOT" (Aka: Residents of S-T)

The Dispute Resolution Program Kicked Out of North Valley City Hall!
[Aka: Bitch-slapped the hell out of town...LOL!]

No Further Closed Door Meetings will be allowed in this Public Facility!

DRP told to "Find another room" [HELLZ to the YEAH...BOY-EEE!]

We are a united community and when we work together,
all things are possible! - No Home Depot In Sunland-Tujunga

There are a lot of great community activist groups that make an impact
on their issue. ZD feels the "NO Home Depot in Sunland-Tujunga" folks
are doing an actual GREAT job at keeping the heat on in a way that is
actually rocking Home Depot's world. And someone from the streets told
ZD that Home Creepos are thinking of taking the ball and getting the hell out
of town cause it's just not worth it, cause there is so much bad press on the
store, they don't think it will be sucessful. And at a million or so a month to
keep the project alive, shareholders are going to start/have stated asking

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