Sunday, September 28, 2008

PHOTO: Zuma Dogg and David Markland (Blinged Out Edition)

Thanks to Valley Doll who is not only a good photographer herself (see Ziggy Marley photos), but is a talented graphic artist. Look how she blinged out this picture of Zuma Dogg, Public Advovcate and David Markland of KNBC blog. Here are the two to celebrating KNBC's new blog launch next week. Thanks Valley Doll. (Archie Bunker crankiness: Did ya have to stick Hello Kitty in there, Valley Doll?...Geeze! We're gonna lose street cred!)


for the original picture from ZD's visit to the KNBC newsroom.

QUESTION: ZD is always trying to gauge how many people are aware of him. And since he doesn't have a press agent, he is assigned the duty of "self-promotion" as well. But is this a sign of how deep ZD's recognition level has penetrated into the LA City consciousness, or just a random coincidence? Here's what happened, yesterday morning:

I was at a random store in Woodland Hills looking for an adapter for my cell phone. The manager asks me to write my name and phone number down. I write, "ZD" as the name with the phone number. He looks at the paper and says, "Like, 'Zuma Dogg!?!?!'" and he looks up at the face who handed him the paper. I didn't have on any kind of hat and no glasses...(so after the initial shock, I'm sure) he aksed me, "What's the latest at City Hall?" And he told me he watches me and watches my YouTube videos. So I told him about the new KNBC video and he can't wait to check it out.

SO WAS THAT JUST A COINCIDENCE? Do the sheer initials "ZD" means someone is going to correlate it to "Zuma Dogg". I thought I had anonmyity with just the initials. I'm stoked about the possible level of awareness being way more off the hook than I realized a month ago...but I gotta figure out a way to be able to carry on with it all.

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