Sunday, September 28, 2008

NEW VIDEO: Behind the Scenes at KNBC News Room...AND, Public Access Clarification: NOT Pulling The Plug on City TV 35 (Council Meetings)

Some people get Time Warner Public Access confused with City TV 35. TV 35 is where you can watch the Council meetings LIVE and on re-broadcast. This is not being affected. Why even HAVE a council meeting if there are not cameras rolling when you hold hours worth of "Dog and Pony Shows" and "Grandstanding and Campaigning" during the agenda items? So they aren't pulling the plug on their PR machine.

Time Warner has a public access channel that airs shows created by members of the public. THIS is the channel that is being killed, along with your voice.

With Public Access being pulled, looks like it's Here's the latest video, JUST POSTED:

In this investigative news report, Zuma Dogg takes you behind the scenes of the KNBC news room, to find "King of the Hill" on the TV monitor and staffers posing for pictures with Zuma Dogg.


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