Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SEIU 721 Turns "Tyrone Freeman" File Over To District Attorney's Office

It was reported that the Feds were looking into SEIU 721. Zuma Times has heard that the Feds HAVE NOT been to the local union. HOWEVER, Zuma Times has learned that SEIU 721 has turned over a "Tyrone Freeman" file to the District Attorney's office.

Zuma Dogg has heard it could all be about this: Zuma Times has heard that the Distrcit Attorney may find that the union has been raising it's members dues and funneling the money into Mark Ridley-Thomas' Board of County Supervisor Election vs CM Bernard Parks. Union members, check your dues.

Problem is, you are not allowed to use union money for political elections unless the union member signs a form allowing the decucted money to be used to for political purposes.

Zuma Times has heard that Tyrone Freeman set up a separate account to put the money for Ridley-Thomas' campaign -- BUT MEMBERS HAVING THE MONEY DEDUCTED AND USED FOR THIS PURPOSE -- NOT ONLY DID NOT SIGN OFF ON IT...BUT ARE UNAWARE THAT THE MONEY IS BEING USED FOR THIS.

PLUS: Zuma Times has heard that many SEIU 721 members actually wanted to support PARKS 4 Supervisor -- but that side was squelched...IT WAS GOING TO RIDLEY-THOMAS, LIKE IT OR NOT! (So watch out for election day when people close the curtain and vote for who they really want to vote for, not who the shady people being investigated who raised your dues and used the money without telling you are telling you to vote for.

BUT, it IS gonna be tough for Parks to combat all this shady money. And Ridley-Thomas has a HUGE warchest of money -- and Parks had his kick off event catered by local residents who cooked the food themselves.

WILL YOU PLEASE HELP PARKS!!! Maybe we won't need to help though, if the D.A. moves in time. What happens if Ridely-Thomas is busted once already in office? A new election, or does it go to Parks?

Zuma Dogg, Mayor Sam and Doug McIntyre along with Maxine Waters, Gloria Molina, Councilmembers Rosendahl, Perry, Cardenas and Garcetti have all endorsed Parks 4 Supervisor. (Don't hold the CM endorsements against Parks!)

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