Saturday, September 27, 2008

VIDEO: Zuma Dogg on KNBC 4 - 11 O'Clock News For Debate Analysis

Thank you to KNBC 4 News for inviting Zuma Dogg to the studio to deliver on-camera analysis of the Obama/McCain Presidential Debate, last night. Much more will be posted on the KNBC NEWS RAW site soon. But of course, KNBC management couldn't help but spike their ratings by including a little of the "ratings magnet" (BZD) for their 11 O'Clock Newscast (even though I was only booked for the NEWS RAW segment).

So like Bob Seger, once said, "I used her, she used me, but neither one cared. We were getting our share." So glad ZD could help KNBC get their share, cause Paul Moyer ain't cheap, y'all.

And speaking of Paul, even he had to come over to see what all the excitement was about. So, here's video of one of the most recognizable and beloved TV personalities of all time, along with Paul. Plus, video of the news segment as it aired -- from the Zuma "Mini-Mart" Cam.

ZUMA DOGG ARRIVES AT KNBC NEWS ROOM (Behind the scenes look!)

Paul Moyer Greets Zuma Dogg at KNBC 4 News Room

ZD ON KNBC (Mini-Mart Cam)

I didn't see any reaction from the mayor or councilmembers, because news broadcasts rely on ratings for their success -- and no one cares what you irresponsible, negligent, wasteful, inept, shady, greedy, region-destroying losers inside that corruption and racketeering factory have to say. That's why they called "The Realest, Dough!" They can't afford to be having everyone turn to another channel when you start boring people to death with your arrogant non-speak. (Don't you people inside that racketeering and corruption factory see what is hapening out there? HA!)

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