Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome to my private blog

Well if you are reading this, then the first thing I want to do is thank you for being a supporter of ZD and this blog! We'll see where it goes from here, but this takes off some of the pressure, cause I hate to break it to everyone (and there have been some hard days), but this is obviously the worst; cause I just put my blog on private (my only link to the outside world); and that's only going to hurt my visibility in the community; and if anything of a paid nature was going to "pop" from my blogging, it ain't going to now. (Not that it was going to...but you never know.) 

I know how happy this will make a lot of people at City Hall and their corrupt cronies throughout the city and county. 

I guess today is the day when the lien on ZD has come in, and all good intentions and "tomorrows" from everyone not reading this are too late.  

It doesn't do any good to offer a free blog, no matter how much you want to, if you cannot stay alive to do the blogging.  The problem is, I'm running out of traction and can't even do the little income generators that I used to. All I can do is sit here and blog, but now, on a day like today, without food since yesterday, I can't even do that. 

So here go a few more days out the window, sitting in my car, with all this creative energy and drive, but not able to move. And that's how you end up blowing a gasket, putting your blog on private and have everything get even worse.

I just go to sleep each night, way too optimistic that the next day will be all different. But the problem is I see it ain't gonna change, and I can't seem to change. I bet I can't keep this thing on private through the end of the day any more than I can take a day off from a Council meeting. 

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