Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wendy Gives Zuma Dogg The Sourpuss Vulcan Death Stare (She Really Put Me In My Place!)

Wendy Gives Zuma Dogg "The Face": ZD feels like a scorned puppy after the look of disgust CM Wendy Greuel flashed him as she passed her linguistic superior in chambers today.

She must not have been such a fan of all my blogging from yesterday in retaliation of City Attorney Dion O'Connell's "discretion" to kick ZD out of the Council meeting yesterday. (Full Story to be posted next.)

ZD doesn't hate Wendy as much as he used to, and he doesn't have a problem with her, as Mayor Pro-Tem...and the thought of her as City Controller only mildy sickens me (as opposed to having me feel compelled to give her the Jack Weiss treatment); but Wendy really just did more to let ZD know his "behind the string pulling" had some impact. And she better learn the lesson some other CMs have gotta role with ZD...and keep up those phony apperances.

Cause although the scorned, sourpuss, "how dare you" death stare you flashed me may have made YOU feel also made ZD feel a lot better. OH WENDY...THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW I HIT THE NERVE. And you may end up just making me bitter and cranky, and then I start thinking of all the reasons you are a safety hazard to the City. And Huizar and Garcetti and high-fiving that I forgot all about them.

I had to do what I had to do to get things done over there at City Hall, and for a guy with was handled by the next meeting. SO YOU SHOULD BE SO EFFECTIVE MS. SOURPUSS! And thanks for making my day!!! (LMFAO!)

But like I said, I feel the City took the time and measures to try and make sure the City Council train was back on track without Dion O'Connell creating his own selective legislation regarding the law.

REMEMBER CITY COUNCIL: You would like me to stop attending with such regularity; and I would like to stop attending with such regularity. But that doesn't seem to be happening. So remember, you're dealing with a guy who has been sleeping in the seat of a car for the past five months (sleep deprived) without the right amount of nutrition, and people are contacting me round the clock with every problem in the city (which keeps me cranky) -- SO PLEASE...JUST LET ME SAY MY F*CKING TWO MINUTES AND DON'T PISS ME OFF!!! IT JUST IS NOT WORTH IT. WHATEVER I AM SAYING, IT'S NOT THAT BAD! I WAS ONLY TALKING ABOUT A BOARD OF SUPERVISORS RACE!!!

Please just be phony and fake and allow me to enjoy my experience. It's a round the clock Zuma Dogg Appreciation Day happening out there on the streets of Los Angeles, so I have a much lower tolerance for your bullshit now. Get used to it! This past week, ZD hit some new all-time lows in the food, sleep and comfort department. And it spilled over into my blogging as regular readers know. And I posted some of the comments of moral support, but I am here to tell all the people who read this, who have never contacted me directly about how they feel about my efforts...OTHERS HAVE...AND IT REALLY, REALLY HELPS! (PayPal helps more...but all of the comments from people, who contacted me for the first time recently (as if it were last rights for ZD) really drove it home for me even more than I could have ever pictured.

IT'S VERY CONFLICTING FOR ME. Here are all of these people saying such heartfelt and insightful comments about what I have been doing...and I am awake at 3am, with hunger pains and neck pains and back pains and cranky pains.


So that's why I have much less tolerance for your "discretionary bullshit" and let me tell you Dion and Eric (even though Eric and I spoke today)...THE PEOPLE REALLY CAME OUT OF THE WOODWORK ON THIS ONE.

You have HUGE ad budgets for your campaigns. You get all the time you want to talk about anything and everything you want. You go on for HOURS at a time kissing ass and grandstanding...I get seven minutes. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DON'T MAKE IT WORSE WITH YOUR DUMB SOURPUSS FACE OR YOU'LL REMIND ME OF NON-PROFIT RACKETEERING. (Aka: Poster Queen) No wonder she has to become City Controller. She has to keep everything covered up. (Welp, Eric...looks like Wendy just picked up the ball with her "Vulcan Death Stare" that let ZD know I rocked City Hall yesterday (outside chambers) but pissed me off anyway. THEY DON'T LIKE YOU WENDY, THEY LIKE ME. GET USED TO IT!

NEXT: The whole story of ZD getting kicked out of Council Meeting and the aftermath today.
(ZD feels the City took it seriously today!)

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