Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What Do You Think Los Angeles Mayor :Antonio Villaraiogsa? (Do You Hope Garcetti & O'Dummy Keep Using Their "Discretion" With The First Amendment)

Let me aks you a question, Mayor Antonio. I know by now your people have checked into what happened today inside Los Angeles City Council chambers, where you have Councilpussy Eric Garcetti and Shtity Attorney Dion "O'Dummy" o'CONnell running roughshot over the council meetings and First Amendement under the guise of their self-imposed, "discretion".

And by now you have seen the reaction on the blogs. So let me aks you Douchetonio (you reporter screwing, Democratic screwing, throw your whole political career; and hopes and dreams of all your Mecha supporters right out the window because you couldn't keep it in your pants; Barack Obama won't even let you deliver a pizza Mayor of Los Angeles?: Do you hope they do the same thing tomorrow?

Your decision, I guess, since you are the mayor. Me personally, as a conservative fiscalist, I would yank Dion O'Connell IMMEDIATELY to aviod further civil damages and tell Garcetti to keep his sissy-trap shut unless it's a pretty clear violation.

And Villar, have you settled on your divorce yet, or are you just going to default and give her half so the whole world will not find out what a dispicable you WERE? From what I hear, it's worth giving up half to keep it from coming out...but you ain't gonna be governor anyway, so you may as well let it all come out and fight to keep the money. Your career is over in this town, state and country. (Try another one. Most people seem to think you will like it better because it better reflects your legislative philosophies.)

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