Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Shaw Family Goes To Washington

Jamiel and Althea Shaw Go To Washington: Jamiel and Althea Shaw are in Washington at an immigration event with TONS of national media like Lou Dobbs/CNN, XM radio, and a hundred or more radio stations from across the country. Althea contacted me this morning, because Jamiel heard I was kicked out of the Council meeting, and they did not take it lightly. So they were concerned and we spoke on the phone, where you could tell they were in the middle of a media frenzy. OH MAN, forget two minute public comment on TV 35. The Shaws just made the rounds of NATIONAL MEDIA, and they are making all this nuttiness happening inside City Council chambers and in the mayor's office NATIONAL ATTENTION!!! OH MAN, wait until these talk show hosts hear The Shaw Family can't touch 'em.

I think ZD should help the Shaws produce and air a public access show and air it all throughout the County!

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