Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Zuma Dogg's Biggest YouTube Demographic: 55-64 Year Olds, Followed by 45-54 Year Olds (AND THEY VOTE!!!)

Zuma Dogg always felt he was providing entertainment for the 18-49 crowd, with emphasis on the younger skew of the demo. However, I was surprised when I checked the new "demographic" stats on my most recent YouTube (ZD's Political Rant).

Looks like I have a nice vieweship with the key upper demographic, who are more likely to vote. SCREW ROCK THE VOTE...ZD IS KING OF RETIRE THE VOTE!!! And they vote! I LOVE MY DEMOGRAPHICS, Y'ALL!!! (I know people lie about their age on YouTube...but I think there's some basic, overall validity to the way it pans out of the chart. Like, ZD's videos about City Hall politics and the elections is viewed more by 35-65 year olds than teenagers and young adults, who don't vote as much. And I know for a fact that City Hall is hearing strong feedback about ZD and what may happen if he runs for mayor. (Getting to be a lot more of, "Hey, you never know...he might have a chance" -- as opposed to the "laugh offs".) Imagine by March, when the City is in an economic shambles...it won't take quite as much to beat him as previously thought.

And to those who have followed ZD since day one at City Hall, and support what I do...let me tell you...the level of recognition THIS WEEKEND, surpassed the weekend before. I really AM feeling a tremendous amount of momentum on the streets. Part of it is because I went to Venice Beach on Friday and Saturday. And on both days, within minutes...ZD was approached by people who said, "Oh wow! I was hoping to meet you here, today. I've been walking around looking for you cause I know you hang out here alot." (I haven't been hanging around the boardwalk that much, so it was quite a coincidence that on the last two occasions, I was instantly greeted by people who were both hoping to bump into me. I wonder how many people I haven't been meeting since I'm not there that much anymore.)

These people were trying to convince me how "big" ZD is out there, and how people talk about him at the dinner tables and it's much bigger than I think. (As my regular readers know, I DO have an idea, more than ever recently...but when I bump into people who are so HELL BENT on convincing me (cause they see and know I'm having a tough time carrying on)...so they are trying to keep me inspired...and as my readers know...it works...

AND, other momentum coming starting Friday Night (hopefully) as Zuma Dogg's YouTube video blogging get taken to an slightly more elevated platform. As you know, I haven't been creating video about the Presidential election, because I like to cover the local stuff that goes uncovered.

BUT NOW, Zuma Dogg has an assignment: Watch the Presidential debate on Friday Night and try and have a video review with analysis posted by 8:30pm, following the debate. And then, the website will HOPEFULLY use my review on their website. (It's bigger than ZD's website, and 100% of you are 100% familiar with this local news outlet).

So hopefully, it looks like ZD will be having a much more expanded audience, by reaching people on this new website that will be reaching an (mostly) entirely different audience. (Cause a lot of these people don't have City TV 35, so they will be seeing me for the first time. THEY'RE GONNA LOVE ME!!!)

And thank you so much to the executives who contacted me to be a part of this new and innovative project. (More details soon)

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