Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Donate to Zuma's Z.A.P. (Help ZD Attend Wednesday's Council Meeting)

I got nothing but time on my hands, but I missed out on attending today's City Council meeting cause I had less than a couple bucks on me and couldn't even think of making the trip.

I hate to miss out and let City Council and the Mayor off the hook with no ZD public comment. And I don't have a penny today, and will be missing another meeting on Wednesday (and overall my productivity is shut down to zero at this point). If someone paypals a donation for the purpose of my attendance at Wednesday's Council meeting, I'll make the trip. Otherwise, looks like you won't be seeing ZD at the council meetings anymore. I'm definitely a sinking ship even though I'm doing all this promotional stuff. None of it puts any money in my pocket. HONESTLY, I enjoy not going to the council meetings and screwing up my day, but if I am able to make it, I feel it's worth it, based on the feedback I am receiving on the streets. So if I get a paypal, I'll go...but if not...I like getting out of the habit of attending Council meetings.

PayPal Zuma Dogg: Click HERE to PayPal Zuma Dogg. You have to hit "Update Total" button after you type amount!

ALSO: I haven't had a cell phone for the past few weeks. Just got a new cell phone connected yesterday. Send me your phone number via email at ZumaDogg@gmail.com if we've spoken in the past and it's been a while, OR, call my cell phone to say hello and leave your number if I don't pick up. ZD Cell Phone: 213-785-7272.

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