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John & Ken Voter Guide for NOVEMBER 2, 2010 CA Elections

VOTE - November 2, 2010

 Proposition 19 - VOTE YESLegalizes Marijuana Under California but Not Federal Law. Permits Local Governments to Regulate and Tax Commercial Production, Distribution, and Sale of Marijuana. Initiative Statute.
Hey, are we still a “conservative” talk show now?  The benefits outweigh the risks.  
Proposition 20 - VOTE YESRedistricting of Congressional Districts. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.  Turns over drawing congressional district maps to the people where it belongs. 
Proposition 21 - VOTE NOEstablishes $18 Annual Vehicle License Surcharge to Help Fund State Parks and Wildlife Programs. Grants Surcharged Vehicles Free Admission to All State Parks. Initiative Statute.
A car tax increase to “fund” parks? You already pay for that with your other taxes.

Proposition 22 - VOTE YESProhibits the State from Borrowing or Taking Funds Used for Transportation, Redevelopment, or Local Government Projects and Services. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
Just trying to head off feeding the
Sacramento spending beast. 

Proposition 23 - VOTE YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!Suspends Implementation of Air Pollution Control Law (AB 32) Requiring Major Sources of Emissions to Report and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions That Cause Global Warming, Until Unemployment Drops to 5.5 Percent or Less for Full Year. Initiative Statute.
Stop the Global Warming Final Solutions Act.  'Nuff said.

Proposition 24 - VOTE NORepeals Recent Legislation That Would Allow Businesses to Lower Their Tax Liability. Initiative Statute.
, leave businesses alone for your tax grabs.

Proposition 25 - VOTE NOChanges Legislative Vote Requirement to Pass Budget and Budget-Related Legislation from Two-Thirds to a Simple Majority. Retains Two-Thirds Vote Requirement for Taxes. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. However they try to sell this, changing the 2/3 vote for anything except a tax cut would be a mistake.
Proposition 26 - VOTE YESRequires That Certain State and Local Fees Be Approved by Two-Thirds Vote. Fees Include Those That Address Adverse Impacts on Society or the Environment Caused by the Fee-Payer's Business. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. This time a “yes” vote fights tax increases.
Proposition 27 - VOTE NO!Eliminates State Commission on Redistricting. Consolidates Authority for Redistricting with Elected Representatives. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
The political Democratic hacks put this on the ballot and are contributing big time to stop the people from drawing their Legislative and Congressional districts – don’t let them!

Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown
Attorney General of California
RepublicanMeg Whitman
American Independent
Chelene Nightingale
Business Owner
GreenLaura Wells
Financial Systems Consultant
LibertarianDale F. Ogden – John and Ken’s Pick
Business Consultant/Actuary
Peace and FreedomCarlos Alvarez
Retail Worker
 Lieutenant Governor – Anybody but dopey Abel!
DemocraticGavin Newsom – John and Ken’s Pick
Mayor, City and
County of San Francisco
RepublicanAbel Maldonado
American IndependentJim King
Real Estate Broker
GreenJames "Jimi" Castillo
Cultural Spiritual Advisor
LibertarianPamela J. Brown
Economics Professor
Peace and FreedomC.T. Weber
Retired Government Analyst
 Secretary of State
Democratic Debra Bowen
Secretary of State
RepublicanDamon Dunn – John and Ken’s Pick
Small Business Owner
American IndependentMerton D. Short
GreenAnn Menasche
Civil Rights Attorney
LibertarianChristina Tobin
Voting Rights Advocate
Peace and FreedomMarylou Cabral
Community Volunteer
John Chiang
RepublicanTony Strickland – John and Ken’s Pick    
State Senator/Businessman
American IndependentLawrence G. Beliz
Independent Businessman
GreenRoss D. Frankel
LibertarianAndrew "Andy" Favor
Certified Public Accountant
Peace and FreedomKaren Martinez
Democratic Bill Lockyer
California State Treasurer
RepublicanMimi Walters – John and Ken’s Pick
American IndependentRobert Lauten
GreenCharles "Kit" Crittenden
Retired Professor
LibertarianEdward M. Teyssier
Business Owner/Attorney
C/O Microwave Solutions Inc
Peace and FreedomDebra L. Reiger
Retired Technology Manager

Attorney General
Democratic Kamala D. Harris
District Attorney, City and
County of San Francisco
RepublicanSteve Cooley – John and Ken’s Pick www.
District Attorney
American IndependentDiane Beall Templin
Attorney/RE Broker
GreenPeter Allen
LibertarianTimothy J. Hannan
Peace and FreedomRobert J. Evans
Criminal Defense Lawyer
  Insurance Commissioner – Anybody but Vil-liar!
Democratic   Dave Jones – John and Ken’s Pick
Member, California State Assembly                                      
RepublicanMike Villines
Businessman/State Assemblyman
American IndependentClay Pedersen
Retail Manager
GreenWilliam Balderston
Teacher/Union Organizer
LibertarianRichard S. Bronstein
Licensed Insurance Broker
Peace and FreedomDina Josephine Padilla
Injured Worker Consultant
 U.S. Senator
Democratic Barbara Boxer
United States Senator
RepublicanCarly Fiorina – John and Ken’s Pick
Business Executive
American IndependentEdward C. Noonan
Computer Store Owner
GreenDuane Roberts
Community Volunteer
LibertarianGail K. Lightfoot
Retired Nurse
Peace and FreedomMarsha Feinland
Retired Teacher
 U.S. House – District 39
Linda T. Sanchez
United States Representative
Larry S. Andre – John and Ken’s Pick
American IndependentJohn A. Smith
Fiber Optic Engineer
 U.S. House – District 43
DemocraticJoe Baca
Member Of Congress
RepublicanScott Folkens – John and Ken’s Pick
U.S. House – District 47
Democratic Loretta Sanchez
United States Representative, 47th District
RepublicanVan Tran – John and Ken’s Pick
California State Assemblyman
IndependentCecilia "Ceci" Iglesias
Human Services Administrator

State Senate – District 28
Democratic Jenny Oropeza - DEAD
Date of Death: Oct. 20, 2010
California State Senator
RepublicanJohn S. Stammreich-John and Ken’s Pick
Aerospace Contracts Manager
LibertarianDavid Ruskin


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