Friday, October 31, 2008

LA DAILY BLOG NEWS WIRE: 10.31.08 (All The News That's Fit To Link)

DOG AND PONY SHOW FRIDAY: I think the most meaningless and dumb comment I have ever heard by a Los Angeles City Councilmember was just uttered during the Dog and Pony Show presentations during today's meeting. While showing a picture of an oil refinery that was painted as a pumpkin for Halloween, Janice Hahn let us all know, that if the refinery were actually filled with real pumpkin meat, it would make (blank number) of pumpkin pies. THANKS JANICE FOR THAT IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON HOW MANY PUMPKIN PIES COULD BE MAKE IF AN OIL REFINERY WERE FILLED WITH REAL PUMPKIN MEAT! WE HAVE AN ELECTION ON TUESDAY WHERE YOU ARE ASKING PEOPLE TO PAY FOR YOUR WASTEFUL PROGRAMS (PROP A)...glad to know how many pumpkin pies COULD be made, IF it were real.

DENNIS ZINE AGREES TO TAKE A PAY CUT: Did anyone hear during Wednesday's Council meeting when CM Dennis Zine responded to ZD's request for Councilmembers to reject their automatic raises in the midst of this economic crisis where Council is asking taxpayers for more and more money. Zine said he would agree to a pay cut!!! Is anyone willing to second the motion?


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