Thursday, October 2, 2008

NEWS ALERT: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Meets Zuma Dogg And Answers His Question At Taylor Yard Press Event

upCOMING SOON: Zuma Dogg's photos and video of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Sissynegger...just kidding Arnie!), ASSemblymember Kevin De Leon and LA City Councildummy Ed Reyes at a kiss-ass press event to try and run spin for Arnold as he takes heat for vetoing some major health care bills that have many up in arms. It was all the buzz at this press event to try and "warm and fuzzy" the place with his "money for parks" bill signing event at Taylor Yard.

PHOTOS AND VIDEOS COMING SOON, including Zuma Dogg questioning the Governor on Prop 1c money going to the Grand Avenue Park -- and Zuma Dogg's hand shake greeting moment with the Girlie Gov.

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