Sunday, October 26, 2008

REMINDER: LA City Public Safety Committee To Hear Special Order 40 Revision/Jamiel's Law on Monday Morning

REMINDER: Monday is the big day we have been waiting for...the Public Safety Committee will hear the Zine/Smith Special Order 40 revision motion and a discussion of Jamiel's Law. The hearing was originally scheduled for room 1010 of City Hall, but was moved to the main Council chamber on the third floor and a big crowd is expected; including radio talk show hosts, newspapers (you would think) and probably a couple hundred people. Get there early. It's possible even the main Council chamber may crowd up to capacity and people may be kept out by the Fire Marshalls. (Should be room, though.) The meeting starts at 9AM, and look for the Shaw Family who will have "Jamiel's Law" petitions to sign.

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