Sunday, October 19, 2008

Roderick and Dogg Have Coincidental Pow-Wow In Galco's Parking Lot

SHOCKER!: Zuma Dogg Meets Kevin Roderick in Galco's parking lot in Huizar's Highland Park. Here's how Kevin described the coincidental encounter between the two LA power-bloggers:

Digital billboards on LA Observed on KCRW

My KCRW segment on Friday afternoon discussed the digital billboards that are altering the L.A. cityscape. Billboards have been a sore point in Los Angeles since at least the days of Gaylord Wilshire, so I won't hold my breath that City Hall's belated new concern will amount to anything. Here's a link to the audio; you can also download the podcast at iTunes. My script follows after the jump.

Small world: Billboards also came up Saturday in a conversation outside Galco's in Highland Park. I was leaving when another customer asked if my name was Kevin and introduced himself. Turns out it was blogger Zuma Dogg. We had never met; nice guy.

Full post:

THANKS KEVIN! And not only was the meeting a coincidence. But the ONE thing I asked him about were the Clear Channel billboards like the one in Silverlake and he gave me his take. But I didn't know he was just on the radio talking about it, too. But that's how you know an issue is a hot topic in the community. And the Clear Channel "Close Encounter of the Third Kind" billboards in Silverlake is a hot topic. ZD mentioned to some people at the Casa Princesa party that Garcetti is speaking out AGAINST them, only to be quickly reminded that he voted "yes" on the deal. But for once, ZD will give Garshady the benefit of the doubt, when he says he never expected them to pop up on some of the small residential areas, where they are ending up.

AND THE DUMBEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD FROM AN ELECTED OFFICIAL: Ed Reyes is FOR the Clear Channel "UFO" billboards at the Convention Center because it will create jobs for the people Downtown during the installation process. Yeah, let's do a bunch of things that everyone is against because it will create installation jobs, YOU BIG DUMMY. (Can't you just be quite during the Council meetings and let the smart people represent the issues.)

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