Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thanks To Everyone Who Attended Zuma Dogg's Party For Mayor Sam

Hell yeah! It was everything we were hoping for. Everyone from Sunland -Tujunga, North Hollywood, Venice Beach, Granada Hills, Silverlake, Highland Park, Eagle Rock, El Sereno and elsewhere who showed up to pay tribute to Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby on the 4 Year Anniversary of the Mayor Sam blog!

Matt Dowd rocked the crowd and won over a bunch of new people!

David Hernandez announced he is running for Mayor of Los Angeles against Antonio Villaraiogosa.

Three local newspapers showed up, Tom Topping of the (hometown) Boulevard Sentinel; Nina Royal of the North Valley Reporter and George Cabrera & Jose Aguilar of The Voice.

Louis Puglise who many people hope becomes the next LAUSD boardmember, Joe B. and Abby Diamond from the "No Home Depot" Sunland-Tujunga and Lydia Grant of STNC/Sunland-Tujunga, Rusty Millar of Silverlake NC (Kill The Sign), Olga Hall of Southwest Museum/Autry/Griffith Park (The PEOPLE'S side), Antonio Watch, and a lot of the blog readers and ZD "off-camera" supporters, among others

And of course, Mayor Sam!

Thanks to Jonson, the owner/operator of Casa Princesa and Highland Park Chamber of Commerce Boardmember who allowed this to all happen.

And YES, we will be doing this again. The Casa is booked next Friday night, but will announce the next date soon.

OVERALL...thanks to everyone who showed up to support Higby...AND YES...I hate to say it, but it was a success...and Mayor Sam and Zuma Dogg maintain dignity!

Pictures taken by Robert (who sends ZD great analysis of the council meetings) coming soon.


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