Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thanks To Mayor Sam for Declaring ZD's Rally A Hit -- ENCORE NEXT FRIDAY FOR MAYOR SAM BLOG'S 4th ANNIVERSARY PARTY!

FROM MAYOR SAM'S BLOG...Thanks Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby for stopping by. He sang karaoke, and entertained the crowd himself. (He's got a good voice, y'all and funny.) I hope he doesn't mind if I copyright infringe this blog post.

Zuma Dogg's Rally A Hit!

A number of community activists, Mayor Sam readers, artists and neighborhood folks turned out for Zuma Dogg's election rally at Case Princessa in Highland Park. The event was such a success that next Friday, October 17th, Mayor Sam in partnership with Zuma Dogg will host the Sister City 4th Anniversary Party (Part 1). Stay tuned for more details.

Matt Dowd jams with Zuma at Casa Princesa LIVE event.

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