Tuesday, October 28, 2008

THIS SATURDAY: ZAP 'em and SLAP 'em: Ron Kaye's SLAP and Zuma's ZAP -- Same Day...Same Area!!!

(Pictured: People at Zuma's last Casa Princesa event)

For those of you who have been meaning to attend the monthly SLAP meeting in El Sereno (the first Saturday of every month) -- or one of the ZAP (Zuma's Action Plan) events at the Casa Princesa in Eagle Rock/Highland Park --

(Big Announcer Voice): SATURDAY...SATURDAY...SATURDAY!!!

Now you can ZAP 'em and SLAP 'em with ONE easy trip.

Stop by Zuma Dogg's ZAP-fest (starting at 9am) on your way to the SLAP Town Hall Meeting at 1:30pm.


I know everyone has read about Casa Princesa, so this is the PERFECT opportunity to check it out, on a nice Saturday morning. Have some coffee or a smoothie or fantastic panini sandwich...then head over to the SLAP meeting (It's about five miles between the two locations and you do not have to get on the freeway.)

ZUMA'S Z.A.P-FEST: Saturday 9:00 AM, Casa Princesa, York Blvd & Ave 45 (across from Sparkletts) in Eagle Rock (just off Eagle Rock Blvd.)

SLAP TOWN HALL MEETING: Saturday 1:30 PM, Nov. 1 at the Charo Community Development Center, 4301 E. Valley Blvd., El Sereno.
UPDATE: Already getting good feedback from people who like this idea for Saturday. Plan on starting at the Casa Princesa on your way to SLAP Town Hall Meeting. We will have a caravan leader for people to follow over to the SLAP event, from the ZAP event. (Plenty of parking. People on the Eagle Rock side of town can carpool over and back.)

PLUS: Dr. Daniel Wiseman just checked in to let me know there is a meeting of the Neighborhood Council DWP (oversight) Committee consisting of Neighborhood Council members, Saturday at 2PM at Philipes Restaurant on Alameda, close to City Hall, Downtown. So if your attendance is required at that meeting, and you are starting your drive from somewhere close to Eagle Rock/Highland Park area, stop by Casa Princesa, first; check out the place and see what's going on.

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