Thursday, October 16, 2008

VIDEO: Latham and Watkins vs Community on Griffith Park/Southwest Museum/Autry

Here is video of Latham and Watkins' paid lobbyist Bill Delvac, myself, and Elaine Brown comment in the public comment segment of LA City Council yesterday on this subject along with Ron Kaye's brilliant outing of the lobbyist himself, and please see:

Since I had to wing it having been busy with the fire evacuation merry-go-round the past couple days, I amazingly don't look or sound as stupid as I felt. I was thrilled to go after Delvac - when I defined "non-contributing element" properly for the Council, I noted that Bill Rosendahl was clearly paying attention which I appreciate, and I could see the "light bulb go on" with the definition (makes an occassional teacher like myself happy to see a pupil learn.) :-)

And interestingly, Eric Garcetti pronounced my last name correctly which no one seems to do until corrected at least once. I guess I'm on his radar, too, now. Kewl. Hell, LaBonge with his supposed instant-recall memory still mispronounces it. I think it is on purpose.

Anyway... leave your many and varied comments on Ron's site!

Onward and upward,

Kristin C. Sabo

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