Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Villaraigosa Joins Zuma Dogg in Calling For "Special Event Fee Waiver" MORATORIUM

In a "Belt-tightening" memo to City Council, City Controller, City Attorney and City Department heads, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is finally on the same page as Zuma Dogg when it comes to a moratorium on "Special Event Fee Waivers." Can't wait until I can use the two minutes of public comment on something else!

Guess who said this yesterday?: "Granting fee waivers for special events and/or not seeking reimbursement of staff cost related to special events continues to be a drain on limited City resources. I urge the City Council to implement a temporary moratorium on Special Event Fee waivers. I am also directing the CAO to draft a policy to reduce or eliminate the City subsidy for services at special events and for-profit venues."

Not Zuma Dogg...but Mayor Antonio Villagrosa. Man, with a comment like that, he must be running for mayor, or something.

From Zuma's LA Daily Blog

So it's time to bust out the ZD & Antonio "honorary docaillo" picture since he's finally on the same page as his superior challenger, BZD when it comes to City Council's behavior regarding Special Event Fee Waivers. AND YES, the guy who originally tipped me to the problem HAS been fired from City Hall!

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