Saturday, October 18, 2008

What Floor Is The Ethics Commission On? I think I wanna file as Candiate for Mayor on Monday

From Zuma's Photo Gallery
Welp, it's crunch time if I wanna put my name on the ballot for the Mayor '09 election, to give people the "Zuma Dogg" option vs Mayor Antonio Villaraiogsa. November 5th is when you can start gathering signatures to get your name on the ballot.

I was going to try and change my name legally to "Zuma Dogg" so it doesn't have to appear in quotes like Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson...but I don't think I have time to change it legally at this point, so as long as I'm gonna run on my real name, with "Zuma Dogg" in quotes on the ballot, I may as well head over to Ethics on Monday and register so I can start raising whatever limited contributions I can collect to help with signs and stuff like that.

I just don't think I will be able to prevent myself from moving ahead with this, any more that I have been able to prevent any of my advocate work in the City over the past couple years.

So maybe I'll head over on Monday and do it. I'll let you know...but yeah, I'm gonna have to try and push ahead on this as much as I have with everything else, so far.

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