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What Zuma Dogg Would Do As Mayor of Los Angeles - Part 1 in a continuing platform series

From Zuma's LA Daily Blog

As I said in my previous post, it's getting close to the start of the petition (signature gathering) process for anyone who wants to place their name on the ballot for the Los Angeles mayoral election in March 2009.

And I can tell you already, I won't be able to prevent myself from going through the process of heading over to Ethics, slapping down my name and social security number; then heading over to the City Clerk's office for the nominating petitions.

As of today, NO ONE is running for mayor, yet. The process doesn't start until November 5, when you can start gathering signatures. So when Walter Moore and Antonio say they are candidates, that only means they have filed with Ethics, so they can fund raise. Theoretically, Walter isn't a candidate yet, until he gets the signatures. (But I'm not saying that's an issue. Of course he will. I'm just speaking on the process.)

And I know, right away, that a lot of people like Zuma Dogg AND Walter Moore, and there are people like Doug McIntyre and some activists who will try and talk ZD out of running out of fear it will split the vote and help Antonio.


Sorry Charlies! I wish I didn't want to run, either. But I can tell from the feeling that kicked in yesterday, as the City had their little City Clerk meeting for candidates, that I wouldn't be able to stop myself, any more than I have not been able to stop waking up, each day, and heading to Council meetings, relentlessly.

And for whatever recognition and effectiveness I have may have had in whatever areas these past two and a half's all been while sleeping in my van, without much money or financial backing. So, I've really only been operating on one or two cylinders. (Really, half a cylinder.)

So at this point, as someone who wakes up every day, and runs down to the Council meetings, blog and call radio to blast my opinion as to what the Mayor and City Council is doing wrong, and what I think they SHOULD be doing...

I cannot pass up on the opportunity to continue doing everything I can, as an individual citizen, to fix the problem. If I didn't have this compulsion, I wouldn't have been pushing so hard these past years at City Hall, on blogs, public access TV, YouTube and on radio.

And personally, I DO happen to think there is no one else in the City that I know of who could do a better job than I think I can do. AND ANYONE RUNNING FOR MAYOR BETTER FEEL THAT WAY. It doesn't mean I am correct, but I DO feel that way.

Primarily, due to my study of Dr. W. Edwards Deming's "Methods for Management of Quality and Productivity" (14 Points), I don't think there is anyone whose name has been mentioned in any mayoral discussion who can TOUCH Big ZD.

I challenge anyone to assemble a Blue Ribbon panel of the world's top experts regarding the issue of improving the quality and efficiency of LA City, and every suit and tie in the world will tell you Zuma Dogg's "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points" IS the template to break down the walls of bureaucracy and inefficiency. Quite frankly, Zuma Dogg pukes innovation.

SO THE FOUNDATION OF "ZUMA DOGG FOR MAYOR" IS BASED ON OPERATING THE CITY UNDER THESE 14 POINTS. And I will go as far as saying any candidate who doesn't is just another joker who will keep the city tripping all over their shoe laces and falling on their face. SORRY KIDDIES! CHECK WITH ANY TOP INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT/GOVERNMENT EXPERT WHO YOU RESPECT AND ADMIRE -- AND THEY WILL AGREE...DEMING OR DEMISE!

Secondly, luckily Zuma Dogg does not have huge expenses, huge overhead, or a greedy, fear-based personality, like most politicians. So, of course, the first thing under a Deming philosophy, would be ending the purposeful fraud, waste and abuse (corruption/racketeering) that goes on unfettered and unrestricted in this City.

For example, Zuma Dogg will end the practice of building a sidewalk, only to find a problem with it, so it has to be torn apart, then rebuilt again. (That's how you drive up costs by two thirds and drain the budget dry.)

Luckily, Zuma Dogg does not have any "cahoots/racketeering" partners, and isn't out to hide as much money under my floorboards as possible. I think people know that about me. And I don't think I'll be spending only 11% of my time on City business. I'd probably be running into the Council meetings to give public comment when I hear something I don't like.

Besides being the primary operating manager of the City, I think the job of Mayor is to guide the city in the direction that reflects the wishes of the community. Of course, that is not always so easy to achieve, but I think if Zuma Dogg has done ANYTHING as an activist, it has been the ability to talk to a bunch of people on both sides and be able to weed out the "political operative spin" from the TRUE voice of the people/community wishes. AND I THINK IF THERE IS ANYTHING PEOPLE REALIZE ABOUT ME, IT IS THAT.

And it is not alway my personal opinion that I am reflecting/representing during public comment on City issues. I try and represent the "Voice of the Pueblos" (Voice of the People). And it's a fine line/tightrope walk a lot of the time. But that's what Zuma Dogg is represent the people/community -- NOT THE SPECIAL INTERESTS AND POLITICIANS.

And if there is an opportunity to become more effective, have more influence to do things the way I think they should be done, to better represent the gotta run for mayor!

ZUMA DOGG ON BRATTON: Zuma Dogg takes a different approach to Bratton as Walter Moore does. Walter wants to immediately replace Bratton. Zuma Dogg has a feeling Bratton already knows exactly what to do to "take back the streets" as much as possible given the challenging circumstances. Things like not enough money, not enough jail space, and a criminal population boom that is outpacing law enforcement.

But those will be the challenges with any police chief. I think the biggest cause of the Bratton disappointment (and YES, I DO think overall, it Bratton's term has been disappointing) -- IS NOT BRATTON, BUT MAYOR ANTONIO VILLARAIOGSA!

Are you kidding me? You don't think Bratton is so frustrated that he's about to burst at the seams of his uniform? When he makes those comments he is attacked for like, "That's the way the people want it, if you don't like it, leave the State." THAT'S SHEER PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE COMEDY ON HIS PART!

I would not throw Bratton under the bus, so quickly, because the City has just invested all this time with Bratton and you shouldn't be so glib about replacing him, so quickly.

I think the first thing I would do as Mayor, regarding Bratton, is tell him, "Ding-Dong, the Antonio witch is dead" -- and although this City and State doesn't make it easy for you, go out there and START doing the job the way you know it should be done.

It's all a part of Zuma Dogg's 14 Points...EMPOWERMENT. I know it seems funny to think Zuma Dogg would be Bratton's boss...but that WOULD be the case, and Deming has taught me, in most cases, your workers (Bratton) already know what to do. It is the system itself that prevents them from doing their jobs. Zuma Dogg's job as mayor (and ANYONE'S job as mayor) is to help you workers (your biggest asset) do their best, by fixing the system for them.

In this case, telling Bratton that Antonio has left the building and it is time to start operating in the spirit of protecting the community, not the feelings of the criminals!

AND I THINK BILLY BOY IS ONE OF THE MOST QUALIFIED PEOPLE IN THE WORLD TO DO THAT JOB! Maybe there is someone else. But at this point, the City of Los Angeles has a lot invested in Bratton, and I don't think it is a Bratton problem, but a Villaragiosa problem.

So although Walter Moore is very vocal about replacing Bratton, right away, and Zuma Dogg says he would like to try Bratton, WITHOUT ANTONIO, that doesn't mean Zuma Dogg is soft on crime...

JUST HARD ON EMPOWEMENT AND THE 14 POINTS! And the LAST THING you want to do now, is replace the Los Angeles Chief of Police, just because it sounds really good to the AM talk radio crowd.


Some people might not want to hear about Deming's 14 points and would rather hear Zuma Dogg say, "SCRAMNISTY! Lock em all up! Kick em all out! Let's turn things back to the "Leave It To Beaver" era.

That all sounds good when you are trying to kiss ass as a mayoral candidate. But the elected officials have allowed the crime situation (based on illegals in this city) to get to this point. And now, it is like a scab on the arm of the community. It would be nice to be able to simply rip the scab wound off, and throw it in the trash. But you know that opens the wound, makes it bleed again, you have to start the whole healing process over again, and it leaves a scar.

So you have Villaraigosa on one side (sticking up for the rights of criminals) and Walter Moore on the other side. ("Scramnisty"/Lock em all up.) But unfortunately, there is not enough financial resources or prision space to lock them all up even if that was the goal.

ZUMA DOGG AS MAYOR is realistic and realizes the "go get em" strategy ain't gonna work. And then, you just waste a bunch of time (years) battling back and forth. ZD FEELS there is A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT THAT CAN BE DONE, FIRST, BY TAKING THE EMERGENCY BRAKE OFF BRATTON...before you even have to talk about changing the batter.


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