Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why Measure J (Nov 4) Means ADIOS To The Southwest Museum And It's Billion Dollar Artifcats

You could call this story, "Autrys Loot Lummis" or "Cowboys Rob Indians."

Measure J is on the ballot November 4, 2008. And once again, it is being pitched as one thing, but will mean something else. If you do not vote "yes" on Measure J, then how dare you say no to all the new jobs that will be created and all the kids that will be educated that will produce more candidates for jobs.

But it will also mean kiss the Southwest Museum goodbye -- IN IT'S ENTIRETY! No rotating display of Southwest Museum collection of rare artifacts (most of which have been moved to the Autry Griffith Park location (that many say is worth a billion dollars, but is really invaluable).

What Measure J will allow for, is an LA Community College to be operated out of the current location...NOT A MUSEUM!

But if Measure J passes, they will be walking away with the collection and opening up the Autry "Cowboys and Indians" museum located in the illegally expanded Griffith Park.

I know Villaraigosa and Huizar both ran on the promise that this wouldn't happen. I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY ARE NOT KEEPING THEIR CAMPAIGN PROMISES?!?!?


If J passes it won't be restored as a museum, and I guess the Autry's just "store" the artifacts, forever!

Here's how Measure J is being spun and why you need to worry if you don't want to see this happen: NO ON MEASURE J


LA Community Colleges Switching to Solar, Need More Funding

Los Angeles Sentinel, Commentary, Jason Lewis, Posted: Aug 19, 2008

Getting Schools Up to Par Will Cost More Than 3 Billion, Officials Say

The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) is catching up with the times, and maybe getting a little ahead, by upgrading their facilities with state of the art buildings and classrooms.

Technology based jobs are the wave of the future, and the only way that residents of Los Angeles are going to be able to obtain those jobs is through a state of the art education.

Fifty percent of LACCD students live below the poverty level, so it is very important for the district to be able to give students the best possible education so that they will be able to obtain a job that will give them a better life.

The district is looking for an additional $3.5 billion to complete the various projects. The community will be able to vote on Measure J this fall to allow the district to obtain the money that it needs.

Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer, the chair of the LACCD Citizens’ Oversight Committee, refers to the measure as “Measure Jobs”. Eisenberg calculates that 29,000 new jobs will be created by this project.

State of the art facilities and curriculum based on new technology will train students for the complicated jobs of today. A number of green-related jobs have been created over the past five years, and the district looks to train students so that they can obtain employment in those fields.

“We need to incorporate state of the art technology that prepares students for the jobs of the future where technology is going to be the key,” Eisenberg said.

With more educated residents who will have good paying jobs, the economy of Los Angeles will be stimulated.

With all of the new construction African-American builders have been able to benefit. Last year over $1 million went to African-American firms.

It is important to the community for the LACCD to be able to give students the best possible education. Voting yes on Measure J this fall will ensure a bright future for the youth of Los Angeles.

ONCE AGAIN...MORE WEAK-ASS, BOO-HOO-HOO CRYBABY LOGIC. "More educated residents mean..." DON'T HAND ME THAT CRAP! Once the museum is handed over to the college, they can use it for anything, like administrative offices or leave it empty and do nothing, they could use it for supply storage...anything. THE MAIN THING IS THE ARTIFACTS WILL BE AT GRIFFITH PARK UNDER THE AUTRY PADLOCK. Is this a case of flat out theft under another one of Villaraigosa's legislative shell game tactics?

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