Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Zuma Dogg, Loving Life In CD 14!

[Pictured: Michael Carreon breaks the bad news to CM Huizar that ZD loves life in CD 14!]

With a Jose Huizar recall campaign likely, Zuma Dogg has moved into CD 14 to be ready to declare residency. We all know ZD is no stranger to King Taco and Hazard Park on that side of town. But to really get more acquainted with the other areas of the community, Zuma Dogg enjoyed the Mint Julip soda that can only be found at Galco's. PLUS, Zuma Dogg's paypal donation money goes much further on York Blvd, than in the upscale parts of Bill Rosendahl's district I have been parking to sleep.

So as long as you are sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles, Zuma Dogg is enjoying all that CD 14 has to offer. And maybe next time Huizar is late for the Council meeting because he is having a staff meeting at Carrows, he can pick up the tab for his honorary "Docallo" -- MC Zuma Dogg.

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