Sunday, October 5, 2008

Zuma Dogg PREDICTION For Direction of U.S. and Global Economy

Alright, y'all...Zuma Dogg climbed to the top of the mountain, last night, and met with the Wise Elders of Global Economy Trends...and Zuma Dogg is now ready to start the next wave of predictions regarding the future of the U.S. and global economic trends.

ZD started following this story on May 4, 2007, after Senator Chuck Schumer issued a warning about the "subprime" loans and the effect it would be having on the U.S. economy. Here is the original post:

Last November, based on the "Wise Elders", Zuma blogged that the stock market would be at 10,500 in October, based on inflation due to high oil prices; due to the Fed continuing to cut the rate, which devalued the dollar -- and ZD ALSO PREDICTED LAST YEAR BEFORE IT HAPPENED, that the banks would be collapsing like we have never seen.

I took a lot of criticism from other bloggers at the time. Shockingly, the prediction came true, right on time like a magic bullet train through the station.

And at this time I have to give credit to CD 14's Jose Aguilar for opening my eyes and getting me interested in this story (when I didn't think it was in the range of ZD's "local" focus) and for all his prognostications that have all come so true!

So now, time for the next wave of predictions at the "Big Picture" level -- and at this point, like the warning before a horror movie or news story with graphic content...ZD wants to give you a chance to scroll down to the next story before we continue -- and please make sure all children are out of the room.

[Pause for 20 seconds...]


Welp, ever since Wall Street opened back up for business on January 3, 2008 (after the '07 winter holidays), the effects of the subprime mortgage meltdown have been increasingly felt and the Federal Government, through Bernankie, has been trying to keep the U.S. economy propped up (to try and keep us out of the situation we have been addressing these past two weeks) through a series of rate cuts and bank bailouts, earlier in the year that only ended up causing the oil sheiks to raise the price of oil per barrel to compensate for the declining value of the U.S. dollar...which caused inflation to creep into the economy at all levels (from high gas prices to higher food costs) -- business are folding, jobs are being lost...and now the U.S. economy has come to a grinding halt and the Government has now approved that $7,000,000,000 bailout plan as the grand finale. (Before a series of encores that will be needed.)

WHAT IS AHEAD: The U.S. is about to really lose it's foothold as the number one economic force on the planet, and will be lucky to prevent becoming a flat-out third-world nation like the ones we have been fighting for. We won't even be able to fight for ourselves.

WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DUBAI!!! (The new #1!!!) They don't play by any rules and they will continue to be able to operate however they want and do whatever they want -- and easily be able to continue to drain the U.S. dry, along with China; and all we can do is hope they have mercy on us.

You see, as all the U.S. jobs and money fly out of the country and the country cannot even sustain itself (see bailout package), China and Dubai are flying high.

Wait until you see what happens when the U.S. is not able to provide unemployment and social services. Do you think the DEA will be spending money to bust medical marijuana co-ops? (HELL NAW!) They government will not be able to provide the basic public safety on it's own streets. It's coming to that. Laugh now! That's how it always is every time ZD is shockingly accurate over the course of his lifetime.

The U.S. has always been the best at military and that has kept the U.S. #1, too. But in this economic state, the government will not be able to operate the military as it has in the past, and will not be able to defend itself from the new superpowers with plenty of money to use for any attack the U.S. may launch in the future.

So then we are at their mercy and the U.S.'s role will be the ones hired by these other countries to provide their military security. So the U.S. will just be a security guard for the big client.

And when the U.S. can no longer be of economic gain to China, they will be calling in their markers on all the stuff they own in the U.S. (like ALL of it).

SUMMARY: To those who are wondering if the stock market will be bouncing back nicely, thanks to this financial bailout package, ZD is here to say, you cannot artificially keep the U.S. economy propped up against these global market forces and we are in an adjustment period of a very uncomfortable global economic shift that was caused by computers and technology that sure did level the playing field and part of that playing field is third world countries. THE U.S. FINANCIAL COMEBACK HAS BEEN CANCELED! Better hop on that new non-stop flight to Dubai that now leaves out of LAX.

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