Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Zuma Gideon" Commercial For Z.A.P.'s $5.00 Gift Store

Just call Zuma Dogg "Zuma Gideon" (the "Crazy Eddie of L.A.) for this commercial promoting Z.A.P.'s (Zuma's Action Plan) "$5.00 Gift Store" concept to help parents provide inexpensive toys and gifts for kids this holiday season.

If the Mayor or any of the 15 councilmembers, cares about kids and wants to help Zuma Dogg provide more low-cost gifts (4 for $5.00) for ALL little people in Los Angeles this holiday season, contact Zuma Dogg at (213) 785-7272 or

I'll be making my list, and promoting it twice. And if anyone else wants to sponsor kids, for every $5.00 donated on paypal, ZD can provide four gifts like the ones in the commercial.

[Filmed LIVE on location in CD 14! ZD didn't run to Canada to shoot the video. ZD says, "NO" to runaway Hollywood productions, even though Los Angeles provides an unsafe and unfriendly business environment.]

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