Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zuma's LA Daily Blog UPDATE for Tuesday October 28, 2008

ZAP 'EM AND SLAP 'EM SATURDAY: Zuma Dogg has his ZAP-fest event for this Saturday morning November 1st (8A-2P) and Ron Kaye's SLAP is having their monthly Town Hall meeting at 1:30P. just five miles away. So stop by ZAP, on your way to SLAP (or the NC DWP Committee meeting Downtown at 2P). I think more people might be rolling into the area since they can hit both events in the same area. And a lot of people have been wanting to check out "Casa Princesa" to see what it's all about. So this is a good opportunity to stop by and check it out. (Great for Public Access YouTube/TV shoots, Holiday Events, or Community Meetings. (Lots of local groups are already holding meetings and events here. See LADailyBlog.com for more info on event locations.)

CITY COUNCIL BALKS ON SPECIAL ORDER 40 REVISION MOTION/JAMIEL'S LAW: By now you have heard and read about it. Basically, Jack Weiss filled the room with Anti-Reformers and people who said that nothing needed to change. And actually, they are right, except politically. The goals that the AM radio talk show hosts want to accomplish does not really need the law to change. But for the mayor to tell the LAPD to start enforcing S.O. 40 in the spirit in which it was intended. And former LAPD Chief Daryl Gates weighed in during yesterday's hearing to say this is a political matter. AND, thanks to the LA Daily Blog reader and ZAP supporter who reminded Zuma Dogg about the Federal Court ruling in San Francisco that says Gavin Newsom can't keep turning a blind eye and forgetting to call ICE when needed. So now, I'm sure you will see the City have to start making more calls to ICE, whether it is the political will of the mayor, or not. Otherwise, it could be the politicians who end up in jail, instead of the street criminals. Here's the LAzy Times article on the hearing. WOW, LA Times finally covers the issue.

KEVIN JAMES: Welcome to the real world of City Council meetings. LOVED hearing Kevin talk about his experience at the Special Order 40 hearing yesterday. He noticed things like, all the commissioners were Villaraigosa appointees; everyone in favor of NO change was from some special interest lobby organization; and how Kevin felt Jackass Weiss filled up the public comment with those people. Yeah Kevin, it's a real shell game. No wonder ZD is always cranky after years of these meetings. Do you think that one was any different than any other meeting? It was just bigger.

NICK PASTOROUS of DWP FOR CITY CONTROLLER: I was going to endorse Wendy Greuel for Controller, because no one else was running, but now I am 99% likely to be endorsing Nick Patsaouras for City Controller. I have met Nick a few times, and he always takes time to answer my questions, and I have always like what I heard from Nick.

NEWS FLASH: Nick Patsaouras Will Run for City Controller
By Ron Kaye Nick Patsaouras, president of the DWP Board of Commissioners and a long-time watchdog on public spending, disclosed Monday that he will run for City Controller in the March 3 primary.

CARMEN TRUTANICH FOR CITY ATTORNEY: For all of you folks who are not too happy with Jack Weiss, and want a vialble alternative for City Attorney, not only do we have a real player with Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich, but he is more qualified to be City Attorney than Jack Weiss, even if you knew NOTHING about either candidate. Zuma Dogg has spent plenty of time on the phone talking to Carmen about what LA would be like with Nuch as City Attorney, and Zuma Dogg is not only endorsing you to vote Trutanich for City Attorney in March, but BEGGING YOU to tell everyone you meet throughout your day, to remember to vote "Trutanich For City Attorney." (To prevent Villaraigosa's bitch-puppet Jackass Weiss from doing Antonio's dirty work for him as City Attorney. THIS IS A CRITICAL ELECTION!!!


COUNCIL A-HOLES DICK ALARcon and ED REYES FACE RE-ELECTION COMPETITON: If there is ONE councilmember who Zuma Dogg feels is the FIRST f*cking Councilmember that needs to go, it may surprise you to find, Zuma Dogg feels that Council A-hole is DICK alarCON. He's as tired as he looks in this photo.

From Zuma's LA Daily Blog

ALARcon represents EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH LOS ANGELES CITY COUNCIL!!! If anyone has been fighting to push this City and State into bankruptcy with his wacko leftist, national extremist, hard noise, bullshit...it's Richard A-con, who used a Prop R loophole to re-run for Council, and if you care about the safety of the region, tell him to go run for Mayor of some other country. He CLEARLY does not represent the interests of THIS country. ZD would like to say more, but all you have to do is pay attention to what he says, every time he opens up his mouth. Then there is Reyes. I don't think he makes any bones about his allegences, and I don't think he is pledging them to the citizens of his district.

Alarcon and Reyes are two besmirtches who like their pal Antonio are embarassing a lot of the people they claim to represent. They don't represent Latinos. They represent their bank accounts. JUST LOOK AROUND IN THEIR AREAS. DOES IT LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE LIFTED A FINGER FOR THE PEOPLE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE REPRESENTING. I bet Reyes couldn't even get a job at McDonald's cause I doubt he can even fill out the application. And alarCON...can you imagine THAT guy trying to make it in the real world? That guy has probably never spent a day doing honest, good work in his life.

NOVEMBER 4 ELECTIONS: Call them the NOvember Elections. It's pretty simple this time. NO ON ALL BONDS AND TAXES!!! NO ON: A, B, J, S, R. Rather than blog about it, now, stop by the ZAP event this Saturday and we can talk about it.

KNBC 4 TV FEATURES ZUMA DOGG IN NEWS PROMO: I haven't seen it yet, but people are telling me that KNBC 4 TV (not internet, or HD Channel, but REGULAR TV 4) is running a promo for their News Department featuring Uncle MC Zuma Dogg. They run a clip with my name graphic while the big voice guy narrates the commercial. Glad to lend my superstar status to KNBC to help boost their projects.

BERNARD PARKS FOR BOARD OF COUNTY SUPERVISOR: Everyone probably knows, by now, that Zuma Dogg Endorsed Bernard Parks For Board of County Supervisors. And I feel very strongly about not having the other guy win. Parks has a REAL uphill battle, cause you have probably seen the shady TV commercials paid for with shady union money for the competitor.

The more I hear the opponent (Mark Ridley Thomas) speak, the more I believe all the bad stuff people have told me about Ridley-Allen Ripley Thomas. From what I have heard, he's a real scumbag, and rolls with the Villaraigosa crew.



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