Thursday, November 20, 2008

ABC 7 News San Fransisco Features ZUMA DOGG Busting Gavin Newsom

Newsom criticized for personal use of city SUV

"It is tempting to have the trappings of power, among them being security forces and an entourage," said Agnos. "I couldn't afford it. There were tough times, I had a city to put back together after an earthquake and I couldn't afford those kinds of celebrity trappings."

Mayor Agnos says he never used police escorts on trips to Los Angeles.

For comparison, one week after his wedding, Mayor Newsom was at a Malibu Starbucks with his new wife and political consultant Garry South, discussing a possible run for governor. It was caught on tape by Zuma Dogg, a local activist and entertainer.

Dogg (from videotape): "The feds are going to have to get involved, will you please do something, future governor, please?"

Along with Mayor Newsom, two different San Francisco police officers and a rented Yukon XL -- no hybrid this time -- parked in the red zone.

Dogg (from videotape): "Excuse me, it's Zuma Dogg from the scene of the crime where you got the San Francisco mayor, y'all he's got his Yukon gas guzzler parked in the fire lane zone, y'all."

After Zuma Dogg raises a fuss, Mayor Newsom's police escort moves the SUV.

Dogg (from videotape): "Thank you so much, Zuma Dogg gets things done."

Supervisor McGoldrick says the mayor should repay the cost of the police escort to his wedding and to his meeting with the consultant in Malibu.

"If it looks like and smells like and walks like and talks like a gubernatorial campaign stop, then the gubernatorial campaign funds should pay for it," said Supervisor McGoldrick.

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