Monday, November 17, 2008

ALERT: Planning & Land Management (PLUM) Meeting on Lincoln Heights Hillside Development TUESDAY at 2PM at City Hall!

LINCOLN HEIGHTS HILLSIDE PLUM MEETING: This is a big issue with people in both Shady-Reyes' CD 1 (Reyes') and Weezley-Huizar's CD 14 COuNcil districts. The City wants to limit homes to 1000 square feet on hillside property that people bought to build their "dream home" or even just a regular home. Can't build much of a home on 1000 square feet. Some people from the area, who are affected, feel the City is doing this to make the land useless to the current owners (who want to build), the value will drop, and then people will want to sell it back to the City at a low rate.

Whatever the situation, it all goes down Tuesday at 2pm in room 350 of City Hall, at 200 N. Spring Street. (Don't make "one wrong turn" or you may find yourself in the middle of skid row.)

So if you are heading to City Hall, and accidentally end up on Skid Row...turn right and look for the HUGE corruption factory in the skyline. THAT'S City Hall.

THE RETURN OF FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE/L.A. City Council: After one week off, Tuesday at 10:00am (or sometime shortly thereafter) it's the return of "Zuma Dogg, Public Comment" -- also know as the LA Shitty Clowncil meetings.

ABC-TV SAN FRAN TO FEATURE ZUMA DOGG's COVERAGE OF MAYOR GAVIN NEWSOME: Remember over the summer when ZD busted Gubernatorial hopeful, San Fran Mayor, Gavin (The Clown) Newsome? Well, parking in the fire lane wasn't the only thing about the trip to Startbuck's Malibu that was shady.

I'll post the story from the ABC/San Fran website on Thursday, after the story airs. (Maybe Zuma Dogg can run for Governor against Antonio and Gavin in 2010. If I win Mayor, I promise to immediately run for Governor!)

HELP ZD GET SIGNATURES...About 300, So Far: ZD has about 300 signatures on the nominating petitions for mayor of Los Angeles. But you can probably throw half of them in the toilet. So I think I will need 1000 to get the 500. If you know of any big meetings coming up, or work in an office where a bunch of people can sign...holla at ya boy (213-785-7272) or email and let me know where and when. It's not a given that I am going to get them, on my own.

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