Saturday, November 22, 2008

BIG Day of Signature Gathering For Zuma Dogg in Van Nuys & Silverlake

Zuma Dogg, Candidate for Los Angeles Mayor, passes the 500 signature mark today on the nominating petitions. Of course, everyone knows, you need about 800-1000 signatures to get 500 "good" qualifying signatures.

SILVERLAKE FARMERS MARKET: I think Silverlake is the best place to gather signatures in the City, because I am finding a really high percentage of the people are registered to vote; and support the idea of someone running for office (from a "democratic" standpoint). Very diverse community. A real jewel of a community in Los Angeles. Today they had a Farmer's Market, and I got a bunch of signatures. You should check out the Farmer's Market of Saturday mornings, right on Sunset Blvd.

WOODLEY PARK FAIR: There was a HUGE "Children's Day" (kind of) fair at Woodley Park in Van Nuys. It was thrown by the City of Los Angeles and a lot of non-profits had booths set up, but the real attractions were the food and rides, just like with any fair. Rides were only a dollar, but food was "stadium" prices (everything double what it should have been). Fritz Coleman hosted with Los Lobos, George Lopez, Nancy "Bart Simpson" Cartwright and a bunch of TOP cartoon voices, among others ZD didn't see. But overall, there were about 5000 people (according to LAPD), and a mostly Hispanic crowd. The "Special Event Fee Waiver" on this will be H-U-G-E, but I think it is a money maker for the City. Hopefully, not a "shady" money maker. It was the first annual. If there is a second annual, CHECK IT OUT. It was the nicest "open to the public" event of it's kind that I have ever seen. (Eagle Rock Music Fest was great, too...but this was a great day-time event.)

JAMIEL'S LAW AT WOODLEY PARK: The Jamiel's Law petition gatherers got several hundred signatures, at Woodley Park, too!!! (ONE gatherer got 400 signatures ALONE!) AND THANKS TO KEVIN JAMES for letting Zuma Dogg make a last minute announcement about Jamiel's Law petition event at Woodley Park on Friday Night. One of the people who showed up to help gather signatures, heard ZD's announcement on Kevin's show, and alerted he to show up to help. (And Kevin will be especially happy to hear she was a Walter Moore supporter with Walter Moore buttons. And she was campaigning for Walter. SEE!!! ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY! (Sarcastic tone): ZD COULDN'T be happier he helped alert a Moore supporter, who showed up and campaigned for him. Maybe I can hold a charity fundraiser for Villaraiogsa, next!

TOTAL SIGNAUTRES=about 500: I got about 100 signatures on Saturday. (You can only get so many before you can't even go through the pitch one more time. Since I am the candidate, myself, people take a lot of time asking what you stand for, and you end up talking to people WAY to long, just for a petition signature. BUT that's what it takes, and there's no easy way for a guy like me, other than to continue to plow ahead. So I got the first it's off for the next 500!

PayPal Alert: Donations HAVE been coming in this week in small amounts. THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO HAS KICKED IN!!! I've been going through gas money faster than the CRA goes through tax increment money, and I'm down to my last few dollars this morning. If you haven't donated to ZD before, and would like to see "Zuma Dogg" on the ballot, please PayPal a little gas money. (Don't worry if you think the amount is small...ZD does A LOT on A LITTLE!) And if everyone PayPal'd the small amount they think is TOO small, it's A LOT to ZD!)

If you don't have PayPal account, you can still use a credit or debit card.

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