Tuesday, November 4, 2008


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First African-American to become U.S. president crosses requisite 270-electoral vote threshold.

UPDATE: Based on Barack's acceptance speech Zuma Dogg says Barack's policy most likely will end up bankrupting the Country and turning the U.S. into something we have never seen before...BUT HIS STRENGTH WILL BE HIS EARLY PRESIDENCY WILL BE GOOD FOR MORAL OF THE COUNTRY. That's because the people who are so enthralled with the persona of Obama will be so giddy and morally uplifted, if will be a good feeling out there on the streets. Kinda like having Leo Decaprio on the Titanic as it's going down. But seriously, I'm happy that a lot of people are really happy and I think it's going to be an artificial "uplifted" feeling out there. Time for a little Martha and the Vandellas...

Jury finds former directors liable for mismanaging federal funds and improperly steering millions of dollars in contracts to a friend without holding a bidding process.

A Los Angeles jury Tuesday found former city Housing Authority executives liable for mismanaging federal funds designated to help the poor get housing and jobs.

via LAist by Zach Behrens on 11/4/08

lafdvote09.jpgAs millions in LA County were casting their ballots at the polls, LA City Council was at city hall voting on what we'll be voting on at the March 3rd election, a day most notable to LA residents as it is when we vote for our next or the same Mayor and City Council. One measure of interest that we'll be voting on is to allow the city to have an independent monitor oversee the Los Angeles Fire Department who would be responsible for auditing and reviewing the department's complaints against sworn and civilian employees, according to wire reports. Issues around the department arose when a culture of hazing and inappropriate behavior were brought to the public's attention.

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