Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LA Weekly Interviews Zuma Dogg & Mayor Sam's Blog "Zuma Dogg Marathon"

ZUMA DOGG MARATHON ON MAYOR SAM: It's a "Zuma Dogg Marathon" on Michael Higby's "Mayor Sam Blog". What this means is that Mayor Sam's blog will be featuring a Zuma Dogg YouTube video, once every hour on Thanksgiving between the hours of 12 noon and 9 pm. Here are the details.

Here are the Zuma Dogg YouTube archives sorted by "Date Added" including a lot of stuff you may not have seen, and clips from ZD's original public access comedy/variety show.


LA WEEKLY INTERVIEWS ZUMA DOGG FOR FEATURE STORY ON THE END OF PUBLIC ACCESS: Thanks to Patrick Range McDonald from LA Weekly for showing up in chambers today to interview long-time Public Access superstar, Zuma Dogg on the end of public access. Look for the story in December. (Hopefully the December 11th issue.) Many of you know me for the past couple years from the City Council meetings, but I was already famous as hell in Los Angeles from my comedy/variety public access show. So if you are doing an article on "public access" of course you have to include Zuma Dogg in the feature.

LA Weekly's Patrick Range McDonald Interviews ZD In Council Chambers

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