Monday, November 3, 2008


Dennis Zine Explains It To Zuma Dogg


Bill Rosendahl: I want to know what they make and what they do to make that kind of money. Because they are making a lot more than most of the elected officials. It's high-end pay, so we want to see high-end performance-worthy pay. It's the taxpayers' money. These are the folks at the top-end of the pay scale. They are not accountable to the electorate, like elected officials. Voters don't know who most of these people are. They make over $200,000 a year and we need to review the people making $200,000 a year, and more. It's just good business. You do it in the private sector.

If you read Zuma's LA Daily Blog and watch ZD on City TV 35 for public comment during the Council meetings, you have heard me calling for City Council to reject their automatic pay raises during this economic crisis where LA City is going to residents with more and more bonds, taxes and increases fees.

SHOCKER: Zuma Dogg's Top 2 Favorite Councilmembers, Dennis Zine and Bill Rosendahl (who has REALLY captured ZD's attention lately with outspoken comments and occasion "no" vote, against his Democratic compadres) just put this motion forward to the Budget and Finance and Personnel Committees.

From Zuma's LA Daily Blog

To: Budget and Finance Committee
To: Personnel Committee

Motion - (Zine - Rosendahl) - Move that the Chief Legislative Analyst, the City Administrative Officer, and the Personnel Department report to the Personnel Committee with an analysis of the City's current and projected payroll expenditures, including recommendations to reduce overall salary costs such as freezes of future pay increases, salary reductions for the highest-paid employees, and any other cost containment methods that may be feasible.

I never thought I would see the orignal members of KISS tour together, and I never thought I would see this!!! And everyone knows ZD is a fan of Dr. W. Edwards Deming; he says workers at the bottom are the LAST people to take a pay cut. In Japanese culture, based on Deming, the CEOs are the FIRST to take a pay-cut and the workers are the LAST. It is considered disgraceful the other way. (Workers first, CEOs second.)

From Zuma's Photo Gallery

Dr. W. Edwards Deming

SO THANK YOU TO COUNCILEADERS DENNIS ZINE AND BILL ROSENDAHL FOR THIS MOTION. You may have to endure a hug and kiss from Zuma Dogg, so you better bring some Lysol and disinfectant wipes to the meeting tomorrow!

Hooooooooooody hoooooooooooooooo!

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