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Full Text of Zuma Dogg's Article In "The Voice" (November Issue)

DAILY NEWS INTERVIEWS "ZUMA DOGG FOR MAYOR": Thanks to the Daily News for interviewing Zuma Dogg as Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles. They are doing a story on some of the other candidates, besides Villaraigosa. Hopefully, some substantive stuff will make it in. (Look for article to hit this week.)

LA's Top Two Mayoral Candidates

ZUMA DOGG'S FINAL PUBLIC ACCESS SHOW: Yesterday, I shot my final public access show at the Time Warner studio in Santa Monica. I've been a producer there for over eight years. The final shows (I recorded two, half-hour shows) will start airing THIS SUNDAY at 10:30pm and will make the rounds across the City.

ZD at his FINAL Time-Warner TV shoot yesterday, 11/11/08

Santa Monica Time Warner (Covering most of the L.A. Basin and all along the 101 from Woodland Hills to Eagle Rock.):
SUN 11/16 @ 10:30 pm
THURS 11/20 @ 10:00 pm

Hollywood Time Warner (Formerly Comcast):
MON 11/24 11:30 pm
FRI 11/28 11:00 pm


Thank you so much to Carlos Morales and the staff at "The Voice" for allowing me this opportunity to address the community in his newspaper.

Hopefully, many of you reading this recognize the name "Zuma Dogg" from frequent appearances at the L.A. City Council meetings (as broadcast on City TV 35), AM Talk Radio calls and blogging at LA Daily

For those wondering what brought me into City Hall and turned me into a "community advocate"; two and a half years ago my career took an unexpected turn, when I was forced to become an activist over LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s new Venice Beach ordinance that banned the sale of (constitutionally protected) items such as incense, jewelry and T-shirts -- like the ones that my friends and I were selling.

Once people saw me speaking on how shady the City was regarding Venice, people started asking me to speak a little about their own issues. And I quickly found out how frequently the community gets the short end of the stick under Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's City Hall.

During my time as a local public advocate, no area of the City has been a more vocal "squeaky wheel" than CD14 , much to the dismay of Councilmember Jose Huizar. (Followed closely by CD 1…much to the dismay of Councilmember Ed Reyes.)

Based on my email inbox, there is no question these districts are the most aware, active and tight-knit community in the City; with some of the best information being sent my way regarding the "tug-o-war" issues between the community and the City. (And yes, sometimes the "tug-o-war" between community members.)

And I would like to let all the readers of "The Voice" know that Carlos, his staff and network of community members have mentored and tutored Zuma Dogg on the inner workings of City Hall more than any one else in the City. Who knows, maybe I would still be a one-issue (Venice Beach) guy if it wasn't for the people in "The Voice" reading area.

So it's turned out to be an interesting relationship between the unwitting advocate from the west side (who had never even been to the area) and the people of CD 14 who were taking up more of my time as an activist than all the other areas of the city, combined.

Although the day-to-day grind of "fighting city hall" as a broke-ass activist is nothing glamorous...the feedback from people on the streets who let me know they appreciate the effort and are paying attention is the fuel that keeps me waking up and heading down to City Hall for "one more day of public comment" to blast City Council and the Mayor on all their wastefulness and community back-stabbing. (I've been going to City Hall for public comment for more than two and a half years...and EVERY day is my last day.)

But then I wake up, turn on the radio...look at the blogs...look at the news...I get cranky at what I am hearing...and I head down for "one more round of public comments."

And now, it is the first mayoral election since I have been an activist/advocate, or whatever you want to call it.

And the same force that compels me to wake up every day and do as much as I can to "fight city hall" and help "take back the city" has compelled me to head on over to the City Clerks Election Division and Ethics Commission to file the paperwork and qualified for nominating petitions.

As the deadline to file to run for mayor approached, the thought of missing out on the chance to place my name on the ballot made me nauseaus and cranky. I was getting sick at the thought of having to sit on the sidelines. And if I want to help "fix" the City and make City Council start representing the communities they live in, instead of their own "special interests and cronies," being Mayor would allow me to do much more to start doing things the peoples' way. (Voice of the Pueblos!)

So now, the only thing in the way of having "Zuma Dogg" on the March 3rd, 2009 ballot for "Mayor" in the LA City elections are 500, or so, signatures on the nominating petitions. The deadline is December 3rd, so I should be able to get them.

My "campaign headquarters" are not too far out of "The Voice" area...It's the new Casa Princesa Cafe in Eagle Rock, right on the border of Highland Park. The address is 4527 York Blvd., about 500 feet East of Eagle Rock Blvd.)

I'll be hosting Open Mic/Karaoke every FRIDAY NIGHT at 7 PM, and having a parking lot fair every SATURDAY MORNING at 10 AM. Stop by either day to sign the nominating petition. And Zuma Dogg's "99 Cent Toy Zone" (great low-prices toys that the kids love) will be set up both days, too, for the Holiday Season.

Thanks again to everyone from "The Voice" and everyone in CD 14 who I have met, or spoken with on the phone, or corresponded with via email (

So now, hopefully we can take it to the next level and help "Take Back The City" in March 2009.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE THE NAME "ZUMA DOGG" ON THE BALLOT?: If you would like to see the name "Zuma Dogg" on the ballot in the Los Angeles Mayoral Election, please hit me up with a PayPal donation, today, so I can carry on.

If I don't get some donations, it ain't gonna happen! (Don't have enough gas money to get signatures. I'm just sitting here, today, wasting time.)

$25 (or under): You do not have to include your name or address (no disclosure needed for Ethics.) Don't worry about the amount being small. IT'S BETTER TO PayPal $5.00 than nothing at all.

$26.00-$1000.00: Make sure you include your address, occupation and employer in the PayPal message field. $1000 limit.

If you don't have paypal account, you can still use a credit or debit card. MAKE SURE TO HIT "Update Total" under "donation amount" box. (You'll see it.)

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