Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Zuma Dogg For Mayor" Signature Count = 860

SIGNATURE COUNT: For those keeping track, Zuma Dogg has 860 signatures on his nomination petition for Office of Mayor in the March 2009 Los Angeles General Election. Still have Monday and Tuesday to keep getting as many as possible. You never know what can happen regarding the verification process, but the 860 is a count of "good" signatures (with the Santa Monica, Glendale, Culver City, West Hollywood, etc. crossed out.) So I should be turning in around the full 1000 signatures, in which 500 will have to verify.

I SHOULD WRITE A BOOK: WOW, did ZD get an earful and learn a lot by talking and listening to thousands of people this past month, while getting signatures. If I have 860 signatures, I've probably spoken to at least two or three times more people who DIDN'T sign...PLUS, the other people AROUND/WITH the person I am talking to. MORE ON THE STREET FEEDBACK once I get all the petitons turned in.

PAYPAL ALERT: I'm starting Monday from scratch again ($0.00) after spending all my money this weekend getting signatures. So hit me up with $10 bucks if you can to get my Monday jump-started without having to lose the day. See link on upper right hand side of this blog.

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