Monday, November 24, 2008

ZUMA DOGG For Mayor: Update for Monday November 24, 2008

MR KABC NOW MR. KGO:  "Beloved radio icon" Mark "Mr. KABC" Germain (also formerly of KFI and KTLK) is filling in for the next week and a half on KGO-710 in San Fransisco. I heard the show last night. It was great to hear him on the air, and the station came in perfectly clear on my radio. Check him out.

ZAPPER RESPONDS TO CITY COUNCIL MOTION PREVENTING BANKS FROM KICKING OUT RENTERS: Someone wanted me to post the story about City Council's motion preventing banks from kicking out renters. The person who asked me to post it was concerned about people getting kicked out of their homes over the holiday. But here are some good reasons brought to my attention by another ZAPPER (Zuma Action Plan Participant) on the other side of the issue. Basically, BANKS are not in business to be landlords. They just want to sell the property and get the money. Who do the tenants call to fix the sink? The bank isn't set up to hire plumbers. Who do you call to complain about all the other problems like fixing broken windows, electrical problems...the heater goes out? Banks are there to unload the property...and unfortunately they are not in the "management" business.  I guess the bank can hire a property manager for the short-run, but this isn't the business they are into. And with Feds taking over all of these banks, who even knows what is going on with the status of these properties? 

ZUMA DOGG SIGNATURE UPDATE: After getting 100, or so on Saturday at the Van Nuys Fair and in Silverlake, Zuma Dogg had another good day of signature gathering for "Office of Mayor". Once again, thanks to Silverlake, who really continues to come through for Zuma Dogg. I'm finding a high percentage of people who are registered to vote; in the City of Los Angeles; AND are happy to take the time to sign someone's petition (as a democratic process). As opposed to the kind of people who are in the Costco-type parking lots who don't want to take time to stop licking their ice cream cone. (I HOPE THESE PEOPLE HAVE THEIR TRASH COLLECTION FEES TRIPLED.)

JOSE HUIZAR'S BOYLE HEIGHTS MARIACHI FESTIVAL: Zuma Dogg had a great time kicking off the day of signature gathering in Boyle Heights at the Jose Huizar Boyle Heights Mariachi Festival. There were hundreds (maybe a thousand) people at the Maricachi street festival. I quickly found out it wasn't exactly the best place to get signatures, cause most of the people I asked weren't registered to vote. Anyone who thinks you can chose to ignore or try and move the cultural trend in the City of Los Angeles AWAY from Spanish is not being realistic. I KNOW IT MUST BE FRUSTRATING FOR YOU. Meanwhile, I had a GREAT time at both Hispanic based events this weekend, enjoying the diversity. It was like taking a vacation without having to leave the City. 

ZD & DZ: Thanks to Dennis Zine for stopping by Casa Princesa on Friday to film a show. We talked about a lot of things. One thing he said you may find interesting...I asked Zine if the actions to come out of the public safety committee meeting about Special Order 40 would have prevented Pedro Espinoza from getting out of jail, ZINE SAID, "YES!" So he claims the goal that's Jamiel's Law is trying to accomplish is being accomplished. We'll find out in January, when the first round of statistics come out, whether it's the situation, or not. ZD-DZ TV Coming soon to

PAYPAL ALERT: IF YOU ARE READING THIS...PAYPAL NOW!!! PAYPAL NOW!!!  I gotta eat and get more signatures. If you wanna see the name "Zuma Dogg" on the ballot for mayor, I'm not asking people to bust your butt gather signatures, but help me be able to get them myself. All it takes is a little gas and food.

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